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With God all things are possible but to ask him to get you to the Superbowl with a 4th string QB is a bit much

Apparently the Jury is deadlocked on the charge against Mark Houck who was charged a year after the fact of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act when he confronted a clinc escort who was bothering his twelve year old son.

It’s disgraceful that this charge even made it to trial but I find it even more disgraceful that there are members of an American jury that voted guilty.

The weaponization of the federal government against Christians has only just begun. You have been warned

Last night on sports radio as I drove home there was a lot of buzz about people thinking the fix was in on those games yesterday.

Given the billions that are now bet on them I don’t find that suspicion surprising. Although I would think such a thing risks the entire business model and thus not be worth it but to those who would dismiss it out of hand let me give you a quote from the 1994 movie “Quiz Show” about the scandals there that perfectly illustrates the logical reason for suspicion:

Martin Rittenhome: Young man I sell over $14 million dollars a year worth of Geritol, Geritol, that’s the kind of businessman I am. That show twenty-one, cost me 3 1/2 million dollars year in and year out. Sales went up 50% when Van Doren was on. 50%! So the very idea that I was unaware of every detail or aspect of that show’s operation, well frankly it’s very insulting.

If the case incentive is high enough anything is possible

Last week I saw yet another story where “Transwoman” are stating that lesbian women who don’t draft Trans lesbians are bigots”

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on the “lesbian transwomen” dating scene but a question occurred to me: “How many of these so called “lesbian transwomen” are dating other “lesbian transwomen”?

Because if they’re not then apparently by their own argument they’re a bunch of bigots too.

I think that question should be asked of anyone who tries to play the bigot card. here.

Finally as you get older you get used to endings. Found out about two today. Pat Buchanan has apparently written his last column and Don Surber has apparently decided to drop his daily “Highlights of the News” in favor of his substack columns.

Everything eventually ends and as I’m closing in on 60 I’m wondering how much longer I’ll be writing daily.

Most likely I’ll keep up until it starts losing money hopefully that won’t be for a very long time if at all but we’ll see.