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Manheim Steamroller is all about Christmas albums so there are a lot of choices to pick from here so since I’m doing a lot of classic stuff lets begin with the 1st of their albums and as we do let me give a great big “Thank You” to the late Rush Limbaugh who introduced me and a huge chunk of the country to this excellent music

There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.

Bishop Fulton Sheen

A lot of people use the new year as a time to resolve to make positive changes for oneself. I’m sure there are many Catholics who have resolved to know and practice their faith better in the come taking advantage of the many treasures of the Catholic Church.

There are a lot of treasures in the Catholic Church that are of use but if there is one thing I really wish to recommend, it’s The Catechism in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) podcast.

This is worthwhile not just for Catholics but for non-Catholics because a lot of people will tell you what the Catholic church believes but if you listen to this podcast you will learn what we actually believe. This is our faith, in writing.

I can’t imbed the podcast but I can link it from youtube here, but no matter how you find this podcast, find it and listen to it. If you are a Catholic or not at least you will actually know what the Catholic Faith teaches and if you choose to accept it or reject it you will do so from knowledge and not from ignorance.

Of course if you don’t want to wait the year you can read it yourself direct from the Vatican site which our blog links to on the front page here.

By John Ruberry

Hello parents! Do you want to raise children who will enter politics? Then keep reading.

Rather than bringing up kids to act responsibly, your politico children need to end up the complete opposite of that.

Unlike me. Which is why rather than claiming the idea for this blog post as entirely my own, I have to credit an old Mad Magazine article from decades ago. 

Here we go.

Your political children need to be proficient liars. Incoming Republican congressman George Santos of New York invented an entire past for himself. He lied about where he worked, what schools he attended, what religion he is, how much money he made, where and when his mother died, and possibly even his sexual preference. Apparently, Santos was more truthful when he ran for Congress in 2020. And what did that get him then? A defeat. 

Over on the Democratic side, US Sen. Elizabeth Warren, all the way back to her academic career, claimed to be a Native American. In preparation for her 2020 presidential run, Warren released a DNA test that she claimed there was “strong evidence” that she had an Indian ancestor six to ten generations back, making her anywhere from 1/64th to 1/1024 indigenous American.

That lie led Donald Trump to dub Warren “Pocahantas.” As for the former president, he refused to release his tax returns after announcing his first run for president because the real estate mogul said we was undergoing in IRS audit. He wasn’t. 

But our current president, Joe Biden, is a Baron Munchausen-level fabulist. Some of his lies are humorous, such as the tale, which has been debunked numerous times, about Biden being told in the 2010s that he traveled over one million miles on Amtrak by an on-duty conductor who retired twenty-years earlier. Other lies, such as Biden the blaming the rise in gasoline prices since he took office two years ago solely on the war in Ukraine, betray a lack of emotional maturity. 

Just last month, Biden claimed to have been the impetus for the awarding a Purple Heart to an uncle, a World War II veteran. That didn’t happen

And the Inflation Reduction Act is simply an expensive falsehood.

Your political children need to blame others for their mistakes. In addition to blaming Putin for high energy prices, Biden and his administration pointed their collective finger at Trump for the highest inflation America has suffered in four decades. Rather, it was Biden’s anti-energy policies and his pork-laden $1.9 trillion stimulus bill of 2021 that were the culprits. The American economy was well on its way to recovery from the COVID-19 lockdown by then, the bill was not only unnecessary, but also harmful. 

Your political children need to procrastinate. Just a few days ago, as a government shutdown loomed, Joe Biden signed into law a massive spending bill, one that will almost certainly add oxygen to our roaring inflation fire. Spending bills are due annually before October 1, but not since 1996 has a spending bill has been signed into law before that date.

So when one of your children drops a bomb on you that urgent help is needed on a ten-page term paper–which is due the next morning–you should be proud. You are raising a politician. Which brings me to my next recommendation.

Your political children need to ignore their homework assignments. Here’s one more item about that most recent spending bill. It’s over 4,000 pages long. Few if any members of Congress read it before voting on it. And I am certain that man who signed it into law, Joe Biden, didn’t read it either.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Alas Pope Benedict will have to wait for next month to be included as the calendar had already been made by the time he had died

Of course you can always add him to a day which is what those lines in the full calendar or the blank calendar are for.

So a happy new year and many more to you all.