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Today marks the final day of the Christmas season by the current church calendar (pre-Vatican 2 it ended Feb 2nd with the Feast of the Presentation Candlemas) so lets end with the singing cowboy who introduced that most famous of reindeer to the world, Gene Autry:

I hope this Christmas season has treated you well and may the joy of it remain in your heart throughout all the year.

As a rule for this series you’ve seen groups or individuals who have done Christmas Albums. The Rock Group Slade formed in the 1960’s did only one Christmas song, but if you go to Britain it is THE Christmas song which every single year makes returns to chart when the season comes. Slade has a long and storied history in the annuls of pop music but long after they are dead and gone this song will be played and remembered throughout the UK.

So as we have a bonus day of Christmas due to the Church’s calendar this year for this 14th day I give you Slade performing live their Christmas hit: Merry Christmas Everybody

The 12 days of Christmas lead to Epiphany the day the wise men came, this is “Little Christmas”. The Church will celebrate the feast on Sunday but for this series of posts we’ll mention the traditional day and give you the Trans Siberian orchestra.

Diamond does a pretty good Christmas Album