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You might think it odd that a Sicilian like me waited till the 11th day to go with the Chairman of the Board, but I don’t think of Frank as a big Christmas guy myself

I must confess I have absolutely no idea who this guy is, but as I was figuring out who gets the last 4 spots on my Christmas countdown I asked DaWife who to include. She named many of the people I had already chosen but also said “Josh Groban.”

When I told her I’ve never heard of the guy she answered: “Google him, he’s really good!”

Well one of the secrets of having a marriage that lasts 35 years is to know what hills to die on and what hills not to, so without further ado for the 10th day of Christmas I give you Josh Groban…

…whoever he is.

Stacy McCain had a rather amusing and informative post on Burl Ives titled “Have a Holly Jolly (Commie) Christmas” which you really must read. It contained the classic quote when he noted someone playing: Have a holly Jolly Christmas but not the Burl’s version:

“Who is this singer? Why aren’t they playing the Burl Ives version? That Commie bastard had exactly one great achievement in his career, and it’s ‘Holly Jolly Christmas.’ Why rob him of that?”

Well far be it from me to have a Christmas playlist without Burl Ives so Burl gets the ninth day of Christmas.

Manheim Steamroller is all about Christmas albums so there are a lot of choices to pick from here so since I’m doing a lot of classic stuff lets begin with the 1st of their albums and as we do let me give a great big “Thank You” to the late Rush Limbaugh who introduced me and a huge chunk of the country to this excellent music