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I was at work and away from any kind of radio or TV when Damar Hamlin went down during the Bengals/Bills game.

When I got home I went to youtube to look at the video but what was pushed up front wasn’t the hit, which I would have expected to be front and center as a trending popular choice, but a video of a doctor, complete with labeled charts insisting that this particular hit was just at the right time in the cycle of the heartbeat to cause this issue and INSISTING that nobody should speculate about vaccines.

Don Surber is invoking the 24 hour rule which is sensible but this Doc obviously had this up and ready within 4 hours and youtube coincidently made it a point to promote it to me last night.

I can see why, you can have all the hashtags you want about “died suddenly” even on the new free to speak twitter but nothing gets the attention of the public then an athlete in seemingly peak shape suddenly collapsing in front of one of the largest TV audiences of the week after a hit that looked like nothing special.

No word on if the Doc has any comment on the sudden death of 38 year old former Jaguars guard Uche Nwaneri from acute heart failure. I presume nobody hit him.

Don Surber notes quite the coincidence of Joe Biden’s latest vacation to the Virgin Islands corresponding with this:

After successfully settling a $105 million lawsuit against the estate of Jeffrey Epstein in early December, U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise N. George then filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase saying the “bank knowingly provided and pulled the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid.”   

Attorney General Denise N George has just been fired.

Given this and the democrats sudden public support for drag queens shaking their genitals in the faces of kids It seems more and more likely that the entire party is simply a grooming gang.

Apparently Mastodon, the platform that a lot of high profile leftists and journalists migrated to after leaving twitter is according to this piece, a haven for child porn but does their best to hide that fact.

See my final comment from the previous block for my thoughts.

There was a conversation about electric cars on twitter than I joined making the following point:

Like COVID, ESPTEIN etc if people were just straight about things it would be much better. Given time electric cars may overcome their limitations, after all the internal combustion engine of 2022 is far superior to that of 1968, but they’re not there yet.

Apparently the push to make us panic about Monkeypox now called M-Pox has fizzled as no about of fearmongering or spin was able to convince people that a person who doesn’t engage in either

  1. Gay sex with a man
  2. Sex with someone who engages in gay sex with men

will catch it.

Oh well I’m sure they’ll manage to unload the various vaccines over time.

It’s the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend

Aerosmith 1974
Bloom County by Berke Breathed Feb 15th 1987 via

I’m old enough to remember the AIDS Epidemic’s beginning.

When it started out there was a full court press by the left and many elites to make sure this disease was not identified with Gay sex.

This was despite the fact that the primary spread of this disease was through gay and bisexual men.

Now the easiest way to stop this disease was of course for

  1. Gay Men not to have gay sex with strangers and multiple partners
  2. Women to not have sex with bisexual men who had multiple partners.
  3. For people of either sex or any sexual orientation not to sell or purchase sex from people
  4. For people of either sex or any sexual orientation to practice monogamy

But of course for the future customers of Jeffrey Epstein’s in government and entertainment and academia this option white effective would not and could not be advanced as it was too close to the Commandments of God and the teaching of Christianity so instead a wise program of

  • Encouraging Gay men, the primary target of the disease to avoid dangerous sexual contacts
  • Promoting monogamy among adults and abstinence among youth to avoid crossover infections
  • Spending money on research to find a way to control or eradicate said disease

This would have saved lives but would not have served the cultural desires of the Hollywood, Academic and Washington elites so instead we had a program of

  • Attacking anyone who suggested that promiscuous gay sex was the primary spreader of the disease
  • Promoting the idea that this disease was a major threat to the general population when it was not
  • Encouraging the use of condoms as a solution to the problem
  • Spending money on research to find a way to control or eradicate said disease

It’s worth noting that it was during this time that the religious began to drift toward the GOP and started to became unwelcome in Democrat circles who began to embrace the Gay agenda bigtime.

Treatments were eventually discovered which meant that AIDS is no longer an automatic death sentence, It’s still a disease that spreads through sexual contact with someone infected that can screw you and your immune system up very badly for the rest of your life but your odds are surviving are pretty high.

Which brings us to the Monkey Pox scare and this from NBC

“Even as Covid-19 restrictions have loosened, for many gay men, an uninvited guest called monkey pox has threatened to spoil long-anticipated festivities.

“Of the 6,924 confirmed monkey pox cases in the global outbreak, the vast majority have occurred among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, or MSM, various health authorities report. Skin-to-skin contact during sex, experts assert, has likely been the primary driver of the virus’s global spread thus far.”

Via Don Surber who like myself is old enough to remember AIDS but was in the newspaper business at the time while I was just getting out of college, he writes:

Here we go again.

It is AIDS 2.0.

Shut the bathhouses down.

Do NOT shut the economy down.

Do NOT require everyone get a vaccine.

Do NOT frighten children by saying anyone can get it.

Now this is solid advice but if the AIDS epidemic was the start of the Democrat’s move toward the Gay agenda today the party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the LGBTQ+-etc etc etc crowd and the odds of this advice being taken by a party that has gone full groomer (it would have been unimaginable that the Democrat party would have embraced drag queen story time in 1987 or even 2007 for that matter) are slightly less than the Red Sox firing Alex Cora and replacing him with me as their interim manager for a few weeks

However we are also in an era where the gatekeepers of the press can be completely bypassed so the odds of Democrats selling shutting down the economy and pushing this as a big public health issue for all is likely pretty small too.

The wild card? If the idea of discouraging anonymous gay sex was not an option of choice in 1987 for the elites any such suggestion today will likely get you banned from social media, labeled a Nazi, a bigot and any other epithet they can come up with at best or the target of physical violence at worse.

As a general rule those who fail to learn the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them, we will find out shortly. I don’t have high hopes.

On the plus side if we don’t learn our lesson Berke Breathed will be able to rerun this Sunday Strip on Feb 11th 2023 and take a day off.