Pennsylvania: A worthwhile recount

Posted: January 10, 2023 by chrisharper in election 2020
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By Christopher Harper

Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, where I live, launched one of the few recounts of the 2020 presidential election this week.

The recount won’t change the election results, but the inquiry should provide at least one significant example of what happened.

I don’t think the election was stolen on November 3, 2020. I think the election was stolen by various questionable laws that made it easier to vote via mail and without adequate oversight for the identification of voters.

In 2019, the Pennsylvania legislature voted to allow voters to mail in ballots for 50 days before the election and extended the time to register.

In Lycoming County, which has about 75,000 eligible voters, registered Democrats dropped by 1.3% between 2016 and 2020. But Joe Biden received nearly 30% more votes than Hillary Clinton, and Biden received 8,814 votes on Election Day and 7,911 in mail ballots.

All told, Donald Trump got 41,462 votes, or 69.8%, to 16,971 for Biden, or 28.57%.

Keep in mind Biden won the 20 electoral votes in Pennsylvania, a critical state in the presidential election, by 80,000 votes, 3.458 million to 3.377 million.

In a small snapshot of the Lycoming County vote in 2020, investigators found the following:

–2,590 registrations were removed from voter rolls

–268 duplicate registrations

–526 inactive voters

–55 mail-in ballots were recorded without voter identifications

–108 mail-in ballots were received after Election Day

–74 mail-in ballots were recorded from out of state

For more information, see Audit the Vote at

Jeff Stroehman, the chair of Lycoming County for Trump 2020, said it was not the group’s intention to “tear down an institution called voting, but to restore public confidence in the election process.”

The recount is expected to conclude by Friday at the cost of $55,000.

I know the recount won’t affect any election, but the inquiry should answer questions that still puzzle many people here in central Pennsylvania.

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