Five Fast Opening Day Thoughts Under the Fedora, Expectations, Devers 2nd?, Past the Sale by Date, Two left, And What the Pete Rose is going on with MLB and Gambling?

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I look at the Redsox lineup for opening day and the first thing I thought to my self was: “This is the lineup of a team that will finish last.”

The 2nd thing that I thought of when I saw the Red Sox Starting Lineup was: What the hell is Raphael Devers doing batting 2nd?

The guy is a power hitter with limited speed who doesn’t walk as much as he should. That’s for 4th or 5th not second. Batting him second is 100 double plays waiting to happen.

There was a lot of fuss on sports talk radio about Chris Sale not pitching opening day. I think it’s foolish for two reasons.

  1. He’s been injured so regularly lately we’re just lucky to have him pitching at all
  2. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the oft injured Chris Sale of 2023 bears any resemblance to the dominating Chris Sale of 2018.

If Sale proves himself an ace again great but anyone expecting this needs to have their head examined.

Speaking of Sale and Devers I’m looking at the 40 man roster and noticed that the two of them are the only two players left from that 2018 World Series Championship team.

Apparently the RedSox have decided to go the Connie Mack route after winning these days.

Lucky for them the Patriots aren’t going anywhere but if the Celtics & or Bruins manage to win titles this year it’s going to make them look even worse.

Finally I noticed the Draft Kings signs above the green monster and if you are listening to any sports radio you know they are constantly pushing the betting lines on the various baseball games.

And here is a press release from MLB

MLB names FanDuel a new official sports betting partner in North America

New Partnership Gives FanDuel National Broadcast Integrations, Expanded Marketing Rights, and Provides Customers the Ability to Watch and Wager on MLB Games Via Sportsbook App and OTT Platform FanDuel+

Ok so now not only is betting on baseball legal but MLB now has an official bettering partner for MLB games.

Given these facts I have one obvious question:

With Baseball Pushing Gambling Everywhere and Having an Official Better Partner How the Hell is Pete Rose Still Permanently Banned from the Game?

While I had no problem with the ban of Rose at the time it makes no sense to continue the ban for gambling 30 years after the fact with the league is pushing gambling on baseball as the greatest thing since sliced bread then it’s time for the leading hitter of all time to be welcomed back into the fold and forgiven before he dies.

If I was Fanduel I’d hire Rose on the spot.

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