Fast Thoughts Under the Fedora Incentives, Consequences, Does cheap beer trump Culture? A Drag Question, Courage Still the Primary Virtue

Posted: April 4, 2023 by datechguy in crime, culture, politics, under the fedora
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I keep reading that the polls for Trump are great since the indictment. I think that doesn’t matter. I think what matters is how Kari Lake’s lawsuit in Arizona is doing, because since the laws are being enforced selectively what is the incentive for the left to not steal the election in the same key districts that they did the last time?

Seriously even if you think the last election was on the up and up what is there any disincentive for the left to try to steal this election, seriously do you see one.

I alluded to this yesterday but let me say it bluntly. I don’t want any help for San Francisco from the feds. Not a single penny and not a single federal officer to help enforce the law.

This city and this state elected the people who made the laws there that bred what they got, let them clean it up.

Until there are consequences for their actions, consequences that require then to act, nothing will change.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Bud Light deciding that Dylan Mulvaney is the perfect face for the brand. Cripes it’s not like there are not a million beer choices out there these days for people choose and doing so a week after a transgender shot up a Christian school speaks volumes.

In fairness to Bud lite I suspect their brand was not high on the Transgender’s customer list before today and in even more fairness everywhere I go Bud lite is the cheep beer offered at a discount. Perhaps they’re figuring that teenagers who want to get drunk cheap are more interested in price then they are politics. They’re likely right but I’d love to see how the distributers are reacting to this.

I wish I had come up with this one but I have to give credit to DaWife who saw this somewhere on facebook:

Ask not why the children shouldn’t see drag queens, ask why drag queens crave an audience of children

In fairness before Christianity took hold, the sexualization of children was the norm so the secular left is just going back to their pre-Christian roots.

Finally in the wake of the WPGA Australasian locking down their twitter account after a biological male won his first WPGA tournament I want to quote swimmer Riley Gaines concerning people’s reaction to her vocal opposition to fake women in women’s sports.

None of those people giving thanks had the courage to do what she did, speak the truth out loud against opposition. This is the goal of the left consequences for speaking the truth aloud and no consequences for pushing a lie, but a few people have the courage to fight against it.

It’s those few who prove that courage remains the primary virtue that all others depend on.

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