Five More Canada Tyranny Thoughts Under the Fedora

Posted: February 20, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

How much longer do you think it will be before Trudeau’s Canada decides to deny the use of their national healthcare system to the Truckers and those who supported them?

Canada is one of the side effects of a post Christian Society. When you no longer have to love your enemies and no longer fear hell it’s amazing what a person is willing to do.

There was a tic tock video about starving out NYC and that reminded me of something. Cities are not by their nature self supporting in terms of food. If you have 200,000 people you need a ton of food trucked in every day to feed and support them. Obviously the tuckers have not cut off said supplies but I’m wondering what will happen if they continue to be pushed.

The folks at Red State made a great point, the threat to go after supporters of the Truckers long after this is all over removes any incentive for them to back down. This is an elementary fact.

One of the things I’ve pointed out before is that Trudeau and the Ottawa police are much more willing to move in on these truckers because they know that unlike how they are being portrayed, they are not in fact violent thugs so their lives and safety are not in danger when they do so. What will happen if they reach the point where they decide: ” If you’re going to treat us like violent terrorists no matter what we might as well go down as wolves rather than sheep.” I half think that’s the Trudeau government’s goal to push them over the line so they can kill them with a clear conscience.

One bonus thought: This is a reminder that freedom is not the natural state of man, foraging and starvation is and western civilization and capitalism, both tempered by Christianity are the primary reason why America and Europe have lived as we have for so long. Chesterton’s Fence argument is coming home to roost but that’s for a longer post.

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