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I keep reading that the polls for Trump are great since the indictment. I think that doesn’t matter. I think what matters is how Kari Lake’s lawsuit in Arizona is doing, because since the laws are being enforced selectively what is the incentive for the left to not steal the election in the same key districts that they did the last time?

Seriously even if you think the last election was on the up and up what is there any disincentive for the left to try to steal this election, seriously do you see one.

I alluded to this yesterday but let me say it bluntly. I don’t want any help for San Francisco from the feds. Not a single penny and not a single federal officer to help enforce the law.

This city and this state elected the people who made the laws there that bred what they got, let them clean it up.

Until there are consequences for their actions, consequences that require then to act, nothing will change.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Bud Light deciding that Dylan Mulvaney is the perfect face for the brand. Cripes it’s not like there are not a million beer choices out there these days for people choose and doing so a week after a transgender shot up a Christian school speaks volumes.

In fairness to Bud lite I suspect their brand was not high on the Transgender’s customer list before today and in even more fairness everywhere I go Bud lite is the cheep beer offered at a discount. Perhaps they’re figuring that teenagers who want to get drunk cheap are more interested in price then they are politics. They’re likely right but I’d love to see how the distributers are reacting to this.

I wish I had come up with this one but I have to give credit to DaWife who saw this somewhere on facebook:

Ask not why the children shouldn’t see drag queens, ask why drag queens crave an audience of children

In fairness before Christianity took hold, the sexualization of children was the norm so the secular left is just going back to their pre-Christian roots.

Finally in the wake of the WPGA Australasian locking down their twitter account after a biological male won his first WPGA tournament I want to quote swimmer Riley Gaines concerning people’s reaction to her vocal opposition to fake women in women’s sports.

None of those people giving thanks had the courage to do what she did, speak the truth out loud against opposition. This is the goal of the left consequences for speaking the truth aloud and no consequences for pushing a lie, but a few people have the courage to fight against it.

It’s those few who prove that courage remains the primary virtue that all others depend on.

Mac Jones can’t win.

Last week he was pilloried by Patriots greats on the air for not doing all he could to stop Las Vegas (had to stop myself from typing “Oakland”) from scoring on that last play that cost New England a game they should have won.

Now a week late he makes a desperate attempt to stop Germaine Pratt from scoring a touchdown on a recovered fumble that if not for the Dolphins falling apart might have ended their playoff hopes and he’s attacked for it and fined by the NFL.

It may or may not be fair but I think that Mac is in a no-win position. He can’t be Brady and will never be Brady.

At least the Redsox Went from the greatest hitter of all time (Williams), to an all time great HOF (Yaz) to a power hitting Hall of Famer (Rice) to a pretty good outfielder (Greenwell) over 25 years easing the blow. No such luck for spoiled Pats fans.

There was a time before Tom Brady when the Redsox ruled this town. Even in the days of Russell, Havlicek and Bird it was a baseball town. Tom Brady made the difference and while David Ortiz kept the flame alive Brady’s timeless success wrenched the city away from the bats and balls and delivered it to the pigskin.

Right now the Patriots are in the lowest point that they’ve been and if the Red Sox ownership was smart they would take this moment to invest heavily to grab back the hearts of the fans from the gridiron and back to the diamond.

The current strategy may be penny wise but it’s pound foolish. The Pats are giving the Sox a huge opening which a wise ownership should drive right through.

However I suspect they are not all that wise.

Just four years ago you didn’t have stories of people “dying suddenly” at young ages. Now it’s so common that if a week passes without such an event it’s a miracle.

The worst of it is that now we have more studies from every inhabited continent that show Ivermectin (.02 a pill) to be effective against COVID. as noted “100% of these have shown positive results.” at the same time the Twitter files have revealed a concerted effort to suppress information and/or opinions from medical experts contrary to the sanctioned positions of the Biden Administration.

These people and those who submitted to their will have a lot of bodies to answer for and they are very lucky that it is no longer considered fashionable for those who have had husbands ,wives, children and parents die from their despicable acts to take personal revenge. It it was, none of those bastards would last a week.

It has been less than twenty years since the Massachusetts Supreme Court by a 4-3 vote legalized gay marriage in the state and then governor Mitt Romney did all he could to keep it off the ballot in order to advance his presidential ambitions.

Now twenty years later we see the results as summarized in a single tweet

All this is by design, the next generation of Jeffrey Epstien’s and the next generation of Prince Andrews and the like who they will serve need to get their fodder from somewhere.

Incidentally I suspect there are more than a few Epsteins out there still serving the same customer base that Ms. Maxwell keeps in her head. Jeffrey just happens to be the one that was caught which makes him the exception.

Finally the single most significant story of the day is likely this one. The drone war in Ukraine and Russia:

In interviews in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, a range of intelligence, military and national security officials have described an expanding U.S. program that aims to choke off Iran’s ability to manufacture the drones, make it harder for the Russians to launch the unmanned “kamikaze” aircraft and — if all else fails — to provide the Ukrainians with the defenses necessary to shoot them out of the sky.

The shift to drones by both sides is a incredibly significant change to the war. The story continues

In fact, one of the Iranian companies named by Britain, France and Germany as a key manufacturer of one of the two types of drones being bought by the Russians, Qods Aviation, has appeared for years on the United Nations’ lists of suppliers to Iran’s nuclear and missile programs. The company, which is owned by Iran’s military, has expanded its line of drones despite waves of sanctions.

The administration’s scramble to deal with the Iranian-supplied drones comes at a significant moment in the war, just as Ukraine is using its own drones to strike deep into Russia, including an attack this week on a base housing some of the country’s strategic bombers.

The widespread use of drones in warfare and the Islamic state of Iran’s ability to produce “Kamikaze” drones should be of great worry to us as that is likely going to be the next tool of international terrorism and it goes without saying the next phase of warfare in general. After all consider the cost of maintaining a single destroyer vs the cost of a drone that can be programed to hit a specific geographical location.

If that doesn’t put a shudder in your spine nothing will.

Got my first oil bill for the season, it was for 60% of a tank but was higher than the bills for a full tank in years past.

That’s bad enough but thanks to the Biden peak the overtime that I usually get at this time of year that could have helped to pay these increased bills has turned into days off, in fact I was offered today off because volume is so down.

Nothing like getting the economy that you vote for.

Sports radio is all a flutter about where Tom Brady might land next year when his contract with Tampa Bay is over.

What’s most interesting about this conversation is it differs greatly from what we were hearing three years ago.

Back then a fair amount of sports writers were wondering aloud if Brady was worth a contract, if he might be too old or all done.

Now he is 45 and I’ve yet to hear a single person on the radio claim that a 45 year old Tom Brady is not worth signing.

The NHL has gone all in with the transgender mental illness (that’s what it is) and sponsored a game of transgender players playing each other.

Unfortunately biology doesn’t care about your mental illness so when one of the “woman” made a perfectly legal hit on one of the “men” that “man” ended up with a concussion.

There was a time when people were willing to speak up about this kind of thing and when sports organizations didn’t play these games but the watchword for the day is “cowardice”.

On that same subject let me give men who are looking for a potential wife some advice. Show your bride candidate this tweet:

The perfect “Should this woman be the mother of your children?” test.

If her reaction is anything other than revulsion then run like you were being chased by the very devil himself because you do not under any circumstances want a woman who approves of this to be the mother of your children.

In fact that’s a pretty solid rule on marriage, treat any potential spouse as auditioning for the role of mother or father of your children and if they don’t pass the audition drop them quickly.

Life is too short to waste on such people.

Finally just got the word that the South Side Grille and Margarita Factory will be Closing for good shortly. It along with Happy Jacks (formally the Boarder Grille) had been around long before I was married. I’d gone there before I had a family, after I had a family with my little kids for their magic shows and with my teenage and adult sons. We were so much a part of the place that one year they invited my family to the employee Christmas party.

They survived all that the world could throw at them for 35+ years but could not survive two years of the Joe Biden Presidency.

Elections have consequences and stolen elections even greater ones.

The Kindest Word I Can Use is “Coward”

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When I see something like this:

I think about the parents who took their kids there and the kindest work I have for them is “Coward”.

At best they are afraid of being pilloried by the liberal left in their community for not celebrating this garbage for their kids and are willing to celebrate their future in order not to face such wrath.

And again, that’s the kindest think I can say.

And then I think of the signing ceremony for the Biden Administration’s gay marriage bill and who they’ve invited to attend:

And This:

Now again, remember this is what the Biden Administration wants to associate the passage of the bill to codify Gay Marriage in this nation. No longer are they playing the propaganda of happily married monogamous gay and lesbian couples, for them it’s all about drag queens and twerking to kids.

As I put it yesterday on twitter:

And the masks are coming off because they aren’t needed anymore, they have power and can force what they want and they know too many people are too afraid of any blowback to speak up.

Like I said the kindest word I have is “coward”.

Of course given that the sexualization of children was the norm in Pre-Christian days the idea that a post Christian society would celebrate such things as good and right should not be a surprise.

Pray for these people, they need it and when you do include a prayer for Mitt Romney who did all he could to block a referendum in Massachusetts when the court ruled 4-3 to foist this on the nation because the thought such a vote might hinder his presidential chances.