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This is what they call in poker a “Tell”

A Port St. Lucie gay pride parade has been canceled and other pride events have been restricted to people 21 years and older in anticipation of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signing a bill meant to keep children out of drag shows.

The Pride Alliance of the Treasure Coast posted Wednesday on Facebook that the decision to change this Saturday’s Pridefest events was made after multiple conversations with Port St. Lucie officials.

“We hope that everyone understands that this is definitely not what we wanted at all and are working with the city to assure our safety as well as produce a positive event,” the post said.

So what is this law that has caused this cancellation?

A Florida city has canceled a gay pride parade for this weekend and restricted another LGBT event to people who are 21 and older in anticipation of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signing a bill that protects children from lewd displays.

Florida’s Senate Bill 1438 passed the state Senate a week ago and cleared all hurdles in the state House on Wednesday.

The bill, which prohibits exposing children to “adult live performances,” is awaiting DeSantis’ signature.

The folks who put on the pride parades are very disapointed:

Pride Alliance of the Treasure Coast has canceled the parade portion of Pridefest in Port St. Lucie when it was concluded they couldn’t keep children from seeing it. They wrote on Facebook:

In a Facebook post the group stated:

“As all of you know, the political climate that we are currently in has us all very concerned for our community. After multiple meetings with city officials, it is with a heavy heart that Pride Alliance of the Treasure Coast has to announce that this weekend’s Pridefest will now be a 21 and older event.

“The city has decided that with the likelihood that the Governor will sign the latest bill into effect this evening, that we will need to be on the side of caution and has required us to make this necessary change. We are obviously upset and dishearten[ed] that it has come to this. We also regret to announce that we will have to cancel our plans to bring back our beloved parade.”

I must confess I’m rather confused by the cancellations of these parades.

We have been assured by our friends on the left that the Trans and Gay community are as family friendly as you can get and have absolutely no interesting in making lewd displays to kids and that anybody who suggests that they are “groomer” or “grooming kids” is simply a transphobic bigot. In fact on some social platforms you can be banned for suggesting anything of the sort.


Gay Patriots put it very well:

For a whole lot of years a lot of people have been pointing out that the so called “Gay Pride” displays were basically live sex shows being paraded in front of kids but these complaints were at best ignored and at worst met with cries of “bigot”

Who knew that all it took was a governor willing to lead and a legislature not afraid of the wrath of the MSM to nip this in the bud.

Closing thought: Given the constant attacks on Ron DeSantis by the media and the Trump campaign it will be interesting to see if any of Trump’s surrogates decide to hit him over this.

The Kindest Word I Can Use is “Coward”

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When I see something like this:

I think about the parents who took their kids there and the kindest work I have for them is “Coward”.

At best they are afraid of being pilloried by the liberal left in their community for not celebrating this garbage for their kids and are willing to celebrate their future in order not to face such wrath.

And again, that’s the kindest think I can say.

And then I think of the signing ceremony for the Biden Administration’s gay marriage bill and who they’ve invited to attend:

And This:

Now again, remember this is what the Biden Administration wants to associate the passage of the bill to codify Gay Marriage in this nation. No longer are they playing the propaganda of happily married monogamous gay and lesbian couples, for them it’s all about drag queens and twerking to kids.

As I put it yesterday on twitter:

And the masks are coming off because they aren’t needed anymore, they have power and can force what they want and they know too many people are too afraid of any blowback to speak up.

Like I said the kindest word I have is “coward”.

Of course given that the sexualization of children was the norm in Pre-Christian days the idea that a post Christian society would celebrate such things as good and right should not be a surprise.

Pray for these people, they need it and when you do include a prayer for Mitt Romney who did all he could to block a referendum in Massachusetts when the court ruled 4-3 to foist this on the nation because the thought such a vote might hinder his presidential chances.

Otto Ludwig Piffl: Is everybody in this world corrupt?

Peripetchikoff: I don’t know everybody.

One Two Three 1961

Project Veritas has done it again exposing the Dean of Chicago’s Francis W. Parker school has some interesting priorities for the students in his charge:

If you wanted the dictionary definition of “Groomer” this guy would be it.

So how does this elite private school react to this, what’s their priority? To warn parents against the evil right wingers!

Both they and the dean have since deleted their twitter accounts. Project veritas has replied in their now, thanks to Elon Musk restored twitter account.

All of this is an excellent reminder that while “private school” means an actual education it doesn’t mean you avoid the liberal agenda.

Now in fairness this is Chicago land of the left so it is possible that the school administration and the parents while wanting to avoid the drugs, guns and the lack of an actual education in the public schools, might pine for the indoctrination to the liberal/gay agenda that they kids are missing so it is very possible that they might be all on board with this kind of thing.

But may I suggest that if you are one of those few parents who not only want an actual education for your kids but aren’t all into the left’s groomer agenda, you might want to consider a Catholic primary or high school.

Closing thoughts: I’d be very interested in seeing the letter going to the alumni donors in explanation.

Closing thought 2: While I’m not a facebook person I took the liberty of checking the Wayback machine to see what was happening on their page. The screengrabs from March had all kinds of school stuff but all the grabs from today brought up 302 errors.

How about that!

Question: What is the difference between a woke movie for kids and a non-woke movie for kids:

That is the difference between the take of the Movie Lightyear and the take of Minons the Rise of Gru

Let me point out that when Lightyear started slow excuses were made about the timing and of COVID etc etc etc, but Minions was released just two weeks later and has managed to out preform lightyear by hundreds of millions with two less weeks to do so.

A more significant fact is this one:

The general rule of thumb is a movie has to earn double its production budget in order to break even. By that metric, Lightyear needs $400 million globally to recoup its costs. Going by Pixar’s history, it should be able to cross that figure without many issues. Prior to Onward’s pandemic-shortened theatrical run, Pixar’s Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2 both hit $1 billion. The studio’s original film Coco grossed $807 million globally. While Pixar does have some notable duds on their résumé (Cars 3 and The Good Dinosaur), it’s extremely rare for one of their films to perform poorly at the box office. Given Lightyear’s ties to the Toy Story franchise, it should prove to be a hit. Box office projections point to a modest (by Pixar standards) $70-85 million debut, but it could always surpass those expectations a la Top Gun: Maverick. It’s facing minimal competition for its target demographic.

So by these standards Lightyear is 185 million in the red as of 7/23/22

IMDB estimates for Minions on a free site the estimated budget via IMDB is $80 Million. Even if we figure another 80 million in promotion in 14 less days Minions has not only turned a tidy profit but had done so on its domestic take alone. That makes the $342 million overseas take all gravy.

That my dear friends is the difference between making a movie “Woke” and making a movie for Children.

Sooner or later studios will decide losing 180+ a shot is a bad idea.