The Kindest Word I Can Use is “Coward”

Posted: December 14, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized
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When I see something like this:

I think about the parents who took their kids there and the kindest work I have for them is “Coward”.

At best they are afraid of being pilloried by the liberal left in their community for not celebrating this garbage for their kids and are willing to celebrate their future in order not to face such wrath.

And again, that’s the kindest think I can say.

And then I think of the signing ceremony for the Biden Administration’s gay marriage bill and who they’ve invited to attend:

And This:

Now again, remember this is what the Biden Administration wants to associate the passage of the bill to codify Gay Marriage in this nation. No longer are they playing the propaganda of happily married monogamous gay and lesbian couples, for them it’s all about drag queens and twerking to kids.

As I put it yesterday on twitter:

And the masks are coming off because they aren’t needed anymore, they have power and can force what they want and they know too many people are too afraid of any blowback to speak up.

Like I said the kindest word I have is “coward”.

Of course given that the sexualization of children was the norm in Pre-Christian days the idea that a post Christian society would celebrate such things as good and right should not be a surprise.

Pray for these people, they need it and when you do include a prayer for Mitt Romney who did all he could to block a referendum in Massachusetts when the court ruled 4-3 to foist this on the nation because the thought such a vote might hinder his presidential chances.

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  2. Steve (retired/recovering lawyer) says:

    As distressing as it is to contemplate, I do not believe these “parents” are cowards. A coward is one who acts in a fashion contrary to the honorable course of action while knowing it is wrong, out of fear. Rather, they are active participants in the destruction of their children’s’ lives. And when I say “their children,” I do not necessarily mean “biological offspring,” because I suspect a good many of them are adopted by homosexual couples who are aware, at least on some level that they cannot reproduce, so they simply take the “products of conception” of others and adopt them so as to have a source of future objects of desire. There is no other explanation that I find to be as likely.