Five Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora: Biden Double Whammy, A Very Brady Difference, NHL & Reality, Advice for Those seeking a wife, and one more Biden Economy Casualty

Posted: December 15, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized
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Got my first oil bill for the season, it was for 60% of a tank but was higher than the bills for a full tank in years past.

That’s bad enough but thanks to the Biden peak the overtime that I usually get at this time of year that could have helped to pay these increased bills has turned into days off, in fact I was offered today off because volume is so down.

Nothing like getting the economy that you vote for.

Sports radio is all a flutter about where Tom Brady might land next year when his contract with Tampa Bay is over.

What’s most interesting about this conversation is it differs greatly from what we were hearing three years ago.

Back then a fair amount of sports writers were wondering aloud if Brady was worth a contract, if he might be too old or all done.

Now he is 45 and I’ve yet to hear a single person on the radio claim that a 45 year old Tom Brady is not worth signing.

The NHL has gone all in with the transgender mental illness (that’s what it is) and sponsored a game of transgender players playing each other.

Unfortunately biology doesn’t care about your mental illness so when one of the “woman” made a perfectly legal hit on one of the “men” that “man” ended up with a concussion.

There was a time when people were willing to speak up about this kind of thing and when sports organizations didn’t play these games but the watchword for the day is “cowardice”.

On that same subject let me give men who are looking for a potential wife some advice. Show your bride candidate this tweet:

The perfect “Should this woman be the mother of your children?” test.

If her reaction is anything other than revulsion then run like you were being chased by the very devil himself because you do not under any circumstances want a woman who approves of this to be the mother of your children.

In fact that’s a pretty solid rule on marriage, treat any potential spouse as auditioning for the role of mother or father of your children and if they don’t pass the audition drop them quickly.

Life is too short to waste on such people.

Finally just got the word that the South Side Grille and Margarita Factory will be Closing for good shortly. It along with Happy Jacks (formally the Boarder Grille) had been around long before I was married. I’d gone there before I had a family, after I had a family with my little kids for their magic shows and with my teenage and adult sons. We were so much a part of the place that one year they invited my family to the employee Christmas party.

They survived all that the world could throw at them for 35+ years but could not survive two years of the Joe Biden Presidency.

Elections have consequences and stolen elections even greater ones.

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