Four fundamental constitutional truths most Americans are no longer aware of

Posted: December 15, 2022 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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It has been many decades since actual civics was taught is schools here in the United States.  Instead, school students were taught social studies, which is nothing more than a watered-down Marxist indoctrination scheme.  This was done to make Americans far more malleable.  If Americans are ignorant about the true nature of the United States Constitution, it is far easier to strip away their rights, and we are way less likely to stand up against a tyrannical government.  Today American students are taught a more insidious and despicable form of indoctrination.

Here are four Constitutional truths that have been erased so completely from school curriculums that even many conservatives are confused about.

1. Just because some individuals may “abuse” a right, it is absolutely wrong to strip that right away from everyone else.

At all levels, individuals are constantly prevented from doing things that they have every right to do.  The rational for this trampling of everyone’s rights is the claim that certain individuals may, or may not, do something wrong, or harmful, with a particular right.  That is a form of collective guilt.

Our constitutional system is founded on individual guilt.  Collective guilt goes against everything our nation was founded on.  Only those individuals who are guilty of a particular crime may be punished for that crime, and only after they have been found guilty in a court of law.

2. The Constitution only restrains the federal government and states.

The US Constitution does not reach down to individuals.  It is a document that only binds the hands of the federal government.  The Constitution also prevents the states from squabbling with each other.  Progressives have perverted the Constitution into an instrument that grants the federal government the authority to trample on the rights of every individual.

3. Supreme Court Precedents are nothing more that the opinions of Supreme Court Justices.

Supreme Court Precedents are treated as the supreme lay of the land.  They have been elevated above the plain text and meaning of the Constitution itself.  According to the Constitution, Supreme Court Precedents have absolutely no legal merit or weight at all because they are not mentioned in the Supremacy Clause, which is is Article 6 Section 2 of the Constitution. 

4. The United States is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy.

Probably twenty times a day I hear or read some talking head state that the United States is a Democracy. That is absolutely false.  The Framers of the United States Constitution hated and feared the form of government known as a Democracy.   They knew that Democracies are nothing more than mob rule where the rights of individuals and minorities are trampled on by the majority.

In a Democracy the acts of Parliament are the Supreme Law of the land.  In our Constitutional Republic the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.  The rights and property of individuals are protected by the Constitution.

The Federal Government is divided into three distinct branches, which check and balance each other.  The Prime Minister and courts of Democracies are weak offshoots of Parliament.

Democracies are top down nations where provinces are just minor administrative districts.  The States here in the United States were meant to be mostly sovereign nations, tied together by a weak and limited federal government.

In a Democracy, Parliament wields the ultimate political authority.  In our constitutional republic, all political power rests in we the people.

  1. Bill H. says:

    “In a Democracy, Parliament wields the ultimate political authority. In our constitutional republic, all political power rests in we the people.”

    That is a fairly absurd statement. Members of Parliment are elected by the people, as are members of our legislature. The difference is structure of those elections and of the manner of legislating is trivial.