The Good Trump As Seen on CNN

Posted: May 11, 2023 by datechguy in election 2024, elections, media
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One of the things that I argue over and over again is that you have to take for where and what they are.

There are things about Donald Trump that drive people absolutely nuts. Almost all of them are about style and ego but in the end you can’t get all of the positives from Trump without the rest of him. He is who he is and all of those things that he is what made his administration, in my opinion the third most successful presidency in the history of this country.

And the CNN Town hall demonstrated why.

Trump took no prisoners and doggedly took all that was thrown at him and made the case for his second term.

CNN wanted to talk election 2020 and January 6th and Trump swatted it right back at them making point that the left ignored for years and then still moved forward on the issues that people actually care about.

The best measure of how well Trump did is the absolute meltdown the left is having over the American people being able to see Trump make his case in his own words.

The angriest people in the world seemed to be the CNN folks in the panel afterwards but it also produced what was in my opinion the best moment of the night where Congressman Byron Donalds was quoting testimony given under oath vs Anderson Cooper trying to “correct” him by quoting a book which is not written under oath.

Put simply we saw Donald Trump at his best, willing to say the truth to people who push a lie, willing to talk straight and make his case. I disagree on his comment concerning Disney vs DeSantis but that’s OK, he used the media well making his best case to the American people without the filter that the left so wants to keep on.

This is the Good Trump and if he wants to win the GOP nomination that is the Trump we need to see.

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