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Dale Peterson is campaigning as a write in for the straw poll:

Peterson is a great man but his wife is a compelling persona and an incredible asset to him. If he never serves in another elected office he will still be a very fortunate man.

Given the choice between a piece delivered on time and a piece that generates an instalance.

Go with the Instalance.

…Robert Stacy continues to find news.

Stacy determines that the “follow the money rule” doesn’t just apply to pols:

An Associated Press analysis of campaign finance reports shows the Christian Coalition of Alabama received more than $12,000 from in-state gambling interests last year. Race PAC gave $8,000 to the Christian Coalition after receiving donations directly from gambling interests and from other PACs funded mostly by gambling interests. A sister group, Watch PAC, reported $4,500 in contributions to the Christian Coalition last year after receiving contributions from gambling interests.

So the Christian Coalition of Alabama is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing, right? Not so fast.

Another interest group, Citizens for a Better Alabama, has been flooding the television airwaves with an ad featuring Riley — flanked by the state and national flags and referring to his solemn oath to uphold the law — promoting his antigambling task force’s efforts to shut down bingo halls throughout the state.

Once again, to the casual observer it may appear to be overkill for the governor to send hundreds of state troopers to raid and shut down parlors where little old ladies and veterans in wheelchairs fill their bingo cards in hopes of cashing in. But to Riley and a whole lot of other people — especially out-of-state gambling interests — the tens of thousands of electronic bingo machines throughout the state look an awful lot like illegal slot machines. They generate millions of dollars for their owners.

As Robert spends some time with Ali (whose Jay Leno class chin can’t be appreciated in the photo) and cover’s Rick Barber who I’ve already endorsed to replace Richard Shelby in the Senate, Camp of the Saints tracks his movements as best he can.

Although my own prospects of CPAC attendance are dimming, American Freedom likely can’t wait to hear Stacy rejoinder to the victory of her Saints.

Update: Robert Stacy preempts Barbara by eating crow early, at least that means If I miss CPAC I won’t miss the dance of ultimate shame.

was on the subject of beer:

Another of the dinner guests — not Dr. Merritt — asked about the state’s Prohibition-era legislation that bans home-brewed beer and brew pubs. Libertarians in the state are backing ”Free the Hops” legislation to overturn the ban. Asked if he favored legalizing home-brewed beer, James jokingly responded: ”We’re not going to put up with any cheap stuff.”

Quality beer, OK. Bad beer, not OK.

If there is one thing that Massachusetts has it’s a large amount of Microbreweries in the state.

One of my regrets concerning Stacy’s Trip here is we didn’t get a chance to take him on the Wachusett Brewery Tour, although he did get a chance to have a few bottles of Wachusett Country Ale.

I don’t know what he thought of it, but he might be able to answer from Alabama.