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You know for an awful long time we’ve been told that

  1. Critical Race Theory is not being taught and those who say it is are lying
  2. Governor DeSantis is banning books

Now suddenly we see this from the NYT:

Look at that headline and opening lede. Instead of screaming “Book Banning” you see an acknowledgement of CRT in the course and that topics dear to the left were in fact an option.

Here is the most important takeaway from the piece:

In January, Governor DeSantis of Florida, who is expected to run for president, announced he would ban the curriculum, citing the draft version. State education officials said it was not historically accurate and violated state law that regulates how race-related issues are taught in public schools.

The attack on the A.P. course turned out to be the prelude to a much larger agenda. On Tuesday, Governor DeSantis unveiled a proposal to overhaul higher education that would eliminate what he called “ideological conformity” by among other things, mandating courses in Western civilization.

In another red flag, the College Board faced the possibility of other opposition: more than two dozen states have adopted some sort of measure against critical race theory, according to a tracking project by the University of California, Los Angeles, law school.

Fighting Back against the left’s agenda works!. Who knew? The left did, that’s why they do all they can to demoralize us.