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Ten Buck Fridays (as seen on the Ruby Slippers Blog and the newly redesigned Adrienne’s corner) today is promoting Patricia Sullivan, running in Florida for the Republican nomination against Allan “Die Quickly” Grayson in the 8th district in Florida.

I interviewed Sullivan on the healthcare mandate back in April and Stacy and I talked to her at CPAC this year. She is certainly a worthwhile choice for congress and deserves your backing. Her blog is here and you can kick in to her campaign by clicking HERE.

Building on the IRS refund grab story this morning I talked to Patricia Sullivan running against MSNBC’s Favorite congressman Alan “die quickly” Grayson in Florida’s 8th district. She called it the “Tip of the Iceberg” in both our conversation and in the following release which she forwarded to me this morning:

IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman acknowledging Monday, while speaking to the National Press Club, that the recently passed Health Care Reform measure limits the IRS’s enforcement options to include the confiscation of individuals tax refunds as the “most likely way to penalize individuals” whom do not comply with the mandate. This is just the “Tip of the Iceberg to the Federal Government’s intrusion into the private lives of the American People” stated Patricia Sullivan, conservative Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District in Florida. Shulman warns the public to “not read into anything about me doing it now” as he reports of being “just a busy guy” the myriad of enforcement capabilities and the private army health corps created by this Health Care Reform measure are definite cause for concern.

Don’t worry Mr. Shulman, as Patricia points out above the new IRS people that will be hired to enforce this monstrosity will be more than happy to do the heavy lifting for you.

I’m sure Mr. Grayson will be delighted to defend this for Ed Schultz or Chris Matthews, but closer to home I called up Congressman John Olver’s Fitchburg Office for comment, they referred me to his Washington Office and I left a message requesting comment from Liz Murphy from his press office. I’ll let you know what comment I get.

If you don’t remember Patricia Sullivan, Stacy McCain and I interviewed her at CPAC here.

Update: Heard back from Ms. Murphy, Congressman Olver has no comment at this time. It was a pretty prompt response and it speaks well that she got back to a mere fedora wearing blogger quickly. He is wisely taking Calvin Coolidge to heart:

Moron Morning Joe today Ron Paul and Joe took turns hitting the Republicans over the head saying there was no difference. Paul Suggested we needed “new blood” in congress. Gee Where can the Republicans find it:

Maybe if the show had gone to CPAC they might have met people like Rick Barber

and Col Allen West.

Somehow they missed Les Phillip

and couldn’t find Katherine Jenerette.

They haven’t interviewed Patrick Murray

Or the incredible Patricia Sullivan:

Some guy with a Fedora managed to find this new blood out there. With a little effort Joe and Mika could do so too. Hey Joe for $1k a week plus travel I’ll do it for you!

Update: Smitty finds another Diamond named Christine O’Donnell. Another one that hasn’t made the show yet. Oh and btw The “moron” at the start of the post believe it or not, was a typo. I didn’t notice it till I got ready to put on this update but rather than just pull it I figured I’d use a strike since it was up for a while and I don’t want to duck the error since it was pejorative.

And this is going to prove rather prophetic: