You want new blood, we got it Joe: (Update: fixed typo)

Posted: March 26, 2010 by datechguy in elections, short films/interviews
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Moron Morning Joe today Ron Paul and Joe took turns hitting the Republicans over the head saying there was no difference. Paul Suggested we needed “new blood” in congress. Gee Where can the Republicans find it:

Maybe if the show had gone to CPAC they might have met people like Rick Barber

and Col Allen West.

Somehow they missed Les Phillip

and couldn’t find Katherine Jenerette.

They haven’t interviewed Patrick Murray

Or the incredible Patricia Sullivan:

Some guy with a Fedora managed to find this new blood out there. With a little effort Joe and Mika could do so too. Hey Joe for $1k a week plus travel I’ll do it for you!

Update: Smitty finds another Diamond named Christine O’Donnell. Another one that hasn’t made the show yet. Oh and btw The “moron” at the start of the post believe it or not, was a typo. I didn’t notice it till I got ready to put on this update but rather than just pull it I figured I’d use a strike since it was up for a while and I don’t want to duck the error since it was pejorative.

  1. You would be placing your soul in jeopardy- don’t forget to take along a priest to perform the Rites of Exorcism for you!

  2. Delaware Mama says:

    Christine O’Donnell hasn’t held a steady job, if any job at all, since she ran as a write-in candidate in 2006. She carries campaign debt from year to year, won’t work and doesn’t pay her staff as promised or reimburse them for their expenses but does manage to reimburse her boyfriends for their expenses. She is quoted as saying that if she takes a job, she can’t live off of campaign contributions.

    She carried debt to companies who worked with her 2008 campaign for over a year while she traveled the country, and apparently even went to the Middle East, all without being employed. She had to have a closed campaign announcement and even then she had an unpaid campaign staffer from 2008 removed from the event. She attached herself to the state party in 2008 when she won the nomination at the convention going as far as to use the state party headquarters as her campaign headquarters, and in 2010 she’s acting like the state party outcast and disregarding the nomination process.

    Instead of working between campaigns to pay off debt, she carries the debt into the next election cycle and uses donations she’s getting now to pay off debts from 2008. She’s runs her campaigns like a Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    And her 2010 campaign, to date, has consisted of blaming Castle and his “minions” for almost 20 years worth of her personal financial problems, calling Castle a RINO, and asking for money.

    But the worst part about O’Donnell running again is that good conservatives with good values get conned by her every election cycle.