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You know I looked on the net for a blog post by this fellow and didn’t find one, could I have been punked?

You might have gotten a glimpse of him in yesterday’s video.

We see Thomas Peters, the American Papist finding some holes in a study suggesting that Billy Joel’s statement that “Catholic Girls start too late” is wrong.

Turns out, that study was ridiculously flawed. In addition to having very serious phrasing and definition issues, turns out that the “study” was based on interviews with only 39 girls in 2001!

Where did they get their sample, next to the Girls Gone Wild Bus? Tom links to a further debunking here.

On a much less Catholic note Israellycool shares that the U.N’s John Holmes is distraught about the idea of Egypt blocking the smuggling tunnels to Gaza:

…while we are on the subject of frustration, do you know what I find frustrating? The fact that people like Holmes make no effort to understand Israel’s security concerns. Notice how the only “undesirable effect” of the tunnels is the effect “they’re having on the Gazan society and Gazan economy.” Forget about the smuggling of weapons used against Israelis.

John Holmes, you share more than a name with the porn actor. You both lack a moral compass.

As you can see Facebook death threats haven’t slowed Aussie Dave down one bit. I wonder if Mr. Holmes is putting any pressure of Egypt to open crossings on their side to let all these things through, after all didn’t Gaza belong to Egypt before 1967? Why is it Israel’s job to feed the people who want to kill them?

Finally Robert Stacy pays homage to Andrew Breitbart

…see if you notice the little “gotchas” that Noah Shachtman evidently feels compelled to intrude into the article, such as describing Breitbart as a “beefy 41-year-old” in the third paragraph.

Breitbart is over 6 feet tall and probably a lot less “beefy” than the average 41-year-old. Had he grown up in Alabama instead of Brentwood, Calif., some football coach would have spotted him in the school hallway and made an all-state linebacker out of him. His most remarkable feature is his blue eyes, which glare with a luminous intensity whenever he begins talking about anything he is passionate about. Yet Breitbart’s owlish eyes go unmentioned by Shachtman in favor of “beefy.”

Such are the little darts that Gulliver must suffer from the Lilliputians . . .

Both Breitbart and McCain can be described in the same way as Lincoln described Grant:

I can’t spare this man; he fights!

Yup that’s about right.

…but there were plenty of tea party people and solid Christians at CPAC and although they disagree on a few issues they got along just fine.

Just ask Cynthia Yockey and Bruce Carol if all those Christian Bloggers ran them out on a rail. Or if that notorious Catholic blogger who opposes gay marriage refused to interview them.

Stacy meanwhile notes some interesting links for the “Evangelical” in question.

…But I will be appearing as a guest at the Conservative Forum of the Commonwealth on March 16 (Next Tuesday) in Leominster to talk about CPAC and my experiences there.

If you are a conservative in central Massachusetts and have Tuesday night free come on down have a bite to eat and meet with your fellow conservatives.

Tuesday, March 16, 7:30 p.m.

Friendly’s Restaurant
24 Monument Sq. (Rt. 12)
Leominster, MA 01453

Hope to see you there.