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Andrea took me up on my offer for lunch and an interview at the Diner.

Her blog has been redesigned lately. Her readers like the new design (personally I liked the old one), but either way it is worth your time.

Andrea tells me it was actually 4 years that the study in question was hidden and was released on the 5th, she regrets the mistake.

And if you want to be the next blogger included in the field guide simply contact me and we will set up a meeting time.

…These videos will give you a clue

I started a new one:

And here are the two of us at work

And we are done

of course when I saw Adrienne’s Page it felt kinda cheap by comparison.

My review of the Case Logic 17″ Laptop Messenger Bag. Is available at here.

I don’t include a photo because it is a bag and the appearance is not much different than any other but the design is different than any other I’ve done.

Coming attractions for America

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The Lonely Conservative via the astute blogger tells the tale from the Telegraph.

Documents seen by The Sunday Telegraph disclose that staff at Britain’s largest ambulance service have been encouraged to maximise the organisation’s income, by securing payments for diverting patients to telephone helplines.

but that’s not all

Another plan uncovered would see thousands of 999 calls currently classed as urgent downgraded so that callers receive telephone advice instead of an ambulance response.

If you are surprised at this type of thing its only because you haven’t been paying attention. She concludes:

If the progressive Democrats really gave a hoot about the uninsured in America, they could have just done another stimulus program to buy them all insurance. But it’s not about that. It’s about control. History proves that when governments start controlling things there is epic failure. Just look at the two stories above. That’s our future if Obamacare stands.

Exactly right. Just remember it took years for this type of stuff to start happening. Our friends on the left will insist where’s the fire? Have no fear, if we fail to repeal we will not only see these same effects but as we were forewarned we will deserve them.