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Barack “Don’t worry Martha Coakley I’ll come to Massachusetts to save you” Obama has decided to lay down the law for wavering democrats:

The president will refuse to make fund-raising visits during November elections to any district whose representative has not backed the bill.

A one-night presidential appearance can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds which would otherwise take months to accumulate through cold-calling by campaign volunteers.

We all saw how anxious John Boccieri was to attend the Obama event in Ohio, I’m sure other congressmen in swing districts are just as anxious to have him there.

Between this and the sudden shifts by newspapers things are going to get very interesting.

FYI around the blogroll will return tomorrow.

It is rare enough for Fitchburg to have protests, It is even rarer for a group to have two protests in one day, but it is totally unheard of for Two different groups to be protesting two separate issues within a block of each other at the same time here.

The first of the two was the daily protest against Planned Parenthood’s attempt to open a clinic in Fitchburg. Ted Turner and his hearty band were once again standing tall. Every time I come down I see new faces but the message remains the same:

I’ve known Lorraine and her sister and her son for decades. I was surprised to see her.

Therese Cross comes down weekly to protest. she has no intention of giving up.

Ted spoke about the regular protests that have gone on since Feb 8th. He said it was a good experience and allowed him to meet a lot of good people. A new zoning resolution is going up before the city counsel tonight and he is hoping that regular order will be followed allowing the petition to pass to the zoning board without being blocked by the city counsel.

As for the tea party protesters down the block Turner and the rest of the regular group of protesters to a person expressed their support for their goals. When they left they expressed that support with a symphony of car horns.

Down the block I saw some familiar faces from the morning. Anne Andrews was there as was Michael Wertz. A local reporter showed up and asked a few questions, unfortunately for the group he left before the crowd reached its height.

I started my interviews with Kate Wirtz:

I never thought to ask if they were related. Joyce Jacobs talked to me as well.

Clark Straight had a perspective that most of the other people I talked to did not. Unlike everyone else I had met he was a long time activist who was active in Republican Political circles.

The big question is why now? We had smaller movements like Porkbusters during the Bush years but what has made the difference is? Ted Turner had one interesting thing to say. He suggested that the policies of President Obama lit a fire among the electorate. It motivated folks to get involved and an involved electorate is an informed one. You can’t have a healthy republic without one.

From what I’ve seen today, the republic is healthy indeed.

I have a ton of things going on today…

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…I have an eye exam this morning, then there is the tea party protest this afternoon and then the tea party event tonight.

blogging may be a tad iffy but I hope to have a lot of material to work with for Wednesday.

Also my wife’s birthday is Thursday and I have no idea what to get her. It’s like I’m spending her money to give her something.

…well I think this comment left on my morning Tea Party post says a whole lot more about the gentleman who wrote it, (who I’ve met on a couple of occasions and I like actually) then about the people who he is asking it about.

Next time, please ask:
Is President Obama a secret Muslim?
Is President Obama a natural-born citizen?
Are you a fan of Sarah Palin?
How often do you watch Glenn Beck?
Who is your personal hero?

I think the answers to these questions would be more revealing.

After all you can’t oppose obamacare or be willing to protest without either being some kind of conspiracy theorist or supporting a pol or talk show host on the not approved list.

In case you are curious my own answers to those questions are available here.

You should check out his blog and podcast anyway so you can see where he is coming from.