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Newsrealblog is one of David Horowitz’s blogs. Although I was familiar with Frontpagemag I wasn’t acquainted with either Mark or this blog, until CPAC…

Since the blog is kinda new I feel better about not knowing it before the interview.

read Casey Fiano today and wonder no more.

But I’ve met Pam Geller, one of the most fearless foes of Jihad there is. I’ve met the people she has associated with and I’ve seen what they have gone through to protest us.

Beck has the right to his opinion but Pam knows the facts and I trust her.

However Stacy bottom lines it best:

If the protesters against Wilders are “anti-fascist,” then what does that make Wilders? He’s a “fascist” in the same sense that Mark Steyn is a fascist — which is to say, someone the Left hates.

Yup that’s about it.

If Fox is suppressing the video that mean they know they just walked into a minefield. Will any other cable network take advantage?

…in ways I approve of. That would be my description of the very nice woman at the IRS office in Fitchburg that helped me with three tax questions I had concerning rules.

It’s true there is a computer program she is required to use, but she was friendly, helpful and enthusiastic about giving a hand. She puts the “serve” in public servant.

She also had some answer concerning the Have Fedora will Travel business stuff that I’m going to need to know when next year’s taxes come around.

So a hearty well done to #1. The IRS for hiring this woman, #2 The IRS for that new program she was using. it is more likely than not to give consistent answers to everyone and #3 To the woman herself for doing her job well.

And in case you have the same questions I had, here were my tax questions (all line number refer to form 1040): (more…)