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Well Plan B fell through

Posted: March 18, 2010 by datechguy in personal

They decided to call out for lunch at my wife’s school so the pancakes and Kielbasa plan just didn’t work.

However she did like her gift and we will be doing dinner tonight so I’m hoping to bail out the day.

…it’s because he agrees with me about “Lady” Gaga:

Lady Gaga is immensely talented. She’s a fantastic pianist, a gifted singer and an engaging performer. But that’s not why the mainstream media gives her so much attention. If she weren’t acting like a dime-store floozie, the alphabet networks would pay her little attention, relegating her to a life of smoky bars and indie record labels instead of sold-out arenas and platinum albums. When it comes to capturing the attention of mainstream media and liberal publications, there is but one simple truth: Perversion Sells.

Let’s emphasize his point with a picture from CPAC:

Like Lady Gaga the young lady in this photo (Jenny Erickson) from smart girl politics is talented at what she does. She manages to juggle interviews, her blog at the candid conservative and a husband and children. Unlike Lady Gaga she manages to be physically attractive just sitting there in this picture without debasing herself.

Lady Gaga will make incredible money from what she does, I presume Jenny and her husband get by. I don’t know her well but I suspect that given the choice between trading bank accounts and lifestyles Jenny will happily stay where she is.

If MSNBC wanted to overtake Cartoon Network in the ratings they would be well advised to offer Jenny a contract. Shana, the nice young lady who paid me one of the greatest complements I’ve ever received should suggest this to Joe Scarborough, maybe have her as a reoccurring guest on Morning Joe. I suspect they likely will not.

The fact is that if Lady Gaga however offered to be an occasional commentator on the show I’m sure the brass would jump at it. There is no question it would draw attention and ratings, particularly if she dresses the part. This is simple truth.

The fact that our culture and our media value a woman like Gaga over a woman like Jenny Erickson says something sad about us.

…You might remember him from this thread. We had a nice lunch where we disagreed on almost everything but the food was good and I always love a good discussion on almost any subject.

I’ve agreed to do his podcast sometime next week, at that time I hope to get the two minute blogger interview with him that I’ve been doing with others.

Never forget, it’s very hard to make your case to someone you disagree with if you aren’t willing to talk to them.

…and I recommend his impromptus column in the same way as Hemingway recommended C. S. Forester…”to every literate I know“.

Today I have a bone to pick with him. He says something very true about the obamacare bill going through congress:

I am not a liberal Democrat, and you may not be, either. But if we were: Don’t you think we’d be embarrassed at the way Pelosi et al. are going about getting “Obamacare” through? The parliamentary maneuvering, the skullduggery? Especially after Obama and the party at large promised openness, transparency, orderliness, and so on? The Democrats’ legislation would mark a major change in the way we operate in this country. Don’t you think the legislation should be handled with honesty and dignity? Don’t you think that most of the country, or at least a good deal of it, should have a feeling of pride and satisfaction about the process?

Very true and well put but then he hits a pet peeve of mine…

Yes, yes, I know all about “sausage and legislation”

As I wrote to Jay today:

If more laws were made like his (Romano’s) sausages the country would be in fine shape.

When I see that quote in the future I’ll be dropping a small line along with the link to my post on the subject. I hope I have better luck than Tim Blair and the plastic Turkey stuff.

Update: Jay acknowledges Romano.