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Bill I’ll call them liars…

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…even if you won’t in this clip. Let’s put it this way:

This is 2010. Video is everywhere.

I remember at the Scott Brown Bus tour, When Brown got off the buss in Middleborough one of the first things he did was to thank the person from the Coakley campaign who’s job was to follow and film them.

Does anyone actually think that people were not filming the tea party protesters? Does anyone actually think that if they actually had video they wouldn’t not have released it?

I’m constantly telling my boys to remember that if they do anything stupid anywhere near a cell phone it will be captured. I warn my friend daughter if some boy talks her into flashing it the shot will be around the world within an hour.

The idea that there is no video in this location with the attention of the entire country on what’s going on, I’m sorry that’s stretching the bounds of credibility beyond the common sense point.

So yes Bill I’ll call the congressman a liar and yes Bill I’ll call the media liars. We’ve seen this game before and I’m calling them on it.

Update: Jim Hoff produces exhibit A

…she points out on Morning Joe that google gets only 1 1/2% of its revenue from China and has struggled there. She must have read this Wall Street Journal article on the subject.

So Apparently google is making lemonade out of lemons here. A pretty smart move.

Then again it doesn’t change the fact that it is the right thing to do so I’ll give them kudos anyway for taking the road less traveled by, as the Journal says:

Google is trying to continue to offer search services to Chinese users outside the purview of mainland Chinese law, a strategy that few other companies, even those who have expressed growing frustrations with doing business in China, are likely to follow. Google appears to be setting itself up to fight China’s rules on its own and to manage what is likely to continue to be a complicated relationship with Beijing as it tries to ensure the government allows it to maintain some of its operations in the country. “This is an elegant solution if it were to hold, but I’m not convinced China will allow this to continue,” said John Palfrey, an Internet scholar at Harvard Law School.

Could it also be that Google sees that China’s bubble might be ready to burst too? If so such a move has even greater rewards long term.

about the abortion language from the agreed Executive Order than they did yesterday when they said:

Like yesterday. Healthcare for Men passed because President Obama issued an Executive Order endorsing and enforcing the sweeping anti-abortion Nelson amendment provisions in the bill. The White House’s amazingly effective mind-control tactic to obscure what was happening was to use the words “longstanding” and “status quo” throughout the language of the Order and the accompanying press statement. No change here, nope. Longstanding…status quo…you’re getting sleeeeeepy….

It would appear Planned parenthood thinks otherwise and abortions are their bread and butter.

As I said in comments we who oppose abortion as an intrinsic evil and those who consider it a civil right can’t be both right here, so which of us is wrong?

Whistling past the graveyard.

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Donny is spinning mad over this.

The problem that his argument is that the democrats were dying to get beyond the debate here. The thing they like the most about this bill is that it is at the moment off their table.

The democrats can’t have it both ways. They can’t claim that the people won’t remember the bill come November and then also claim they can run on it.

And Joe didn’t even bring up the lack of indexing in the tax.

Do you want to be the congressional candidate that has to defend the fact that they are:

exempting those senior Democrat staffers who wrote the bill from being forced to purchase health care plans in the same way as other Americans.

The ads simply write themselves.

I sure hope democrats hire Donny Deutsch to manage their campaigns, if enough of them buy what he is selling it will be a very Merry Christmas for the GOP.

Update: The Lonely conservative gets it!