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I spoke to Meredith Jessup of at CPAC

Townhall sent quite a few bloggers to CPAC.

A long time ago on Instapundit there was a comment about laws and sausages. On behalf of Mike I objected to the statement about sausage, leading to this funny statement from Glenn:

How bad have things gotten? Bad enough that when you compare journalism to sausage-making, people write in to defend sausage-makers!

That was seven years ago. Elsewhere that statement has been made over and over again by people who have never seen sausage made. Today we are going to Solve that Problem

Mike Romano Your Local Butcher for 4 decades.

This is Mike Romano of Romano’s Market and this post and all the videos that follow is all about how his sausage is made. I’d like to thank Mike for letting me film him during his weekly sausage making.

We come through the door and say Hello:


with this story?

The youngster, apparently under adult supervision, makes five transmissions on a tape obtained by Channel 26 in Boston and confirmed as genuine by the FAA.

The father was right there, the other controllers where right there if there was an issue. They told him what to say. It’s the type of thing a parent does with a kid. The pilots recognized it and understood. I understand that standards have to be kept up but lets all calm down a bit here.

This is one of the little joys of life. Instead of a kid being inspired by the spectacular work that these men and women do every day his memory will be of getting his father in trouble. Way to go to inspire the next generation folks. Yeah he shouldn’t have done it but there is a lot less here than meets the eye.

I will be very disappointed if the controller & supervisor in question got anything more than a warning.

In the words of Sgt. Hulka…

Ziegler on Morning Joe

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Ziegler talks about how when she is treated fair she comes through.

He mentions that celebrity sells that is the reality

Joe: Is she closer to being a celeb than a pol?

Ziegler: This is Sarah Palin 2.0 not the same person who was destroyed by the media. Ziegler things that her path takes her out of the running in 2012, if she is not running it is brilliant, if she just wants to go after celeb then she is on the right path.

That is a good point, but then again she doesn’t have to run in 2012 she has YEARS to go on that.

He did through some shots at MSNBC but Joe treated him really fairly. I think one shot would have been fine, I think 5 shots when nobody is firing back was a bit much.

Update: Captain Ed commentary.

That doesn’t mean that Palin can’t do it. There is plenty of time for her to focus less on her base, which is already tremendously loyal, and start working on her appeal to independents, if she’s interested in the 2012 race at all. Her appearance on Leno last night was a good step in that direction, but she may be playing for a longer game than her fans and critics think.

Youtube and Ed have the video.