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Seriously did Town hall leave ANYBODY at home?

Then again with all that was going on at CPAC maybe 4 + bloggers was a pretty good idea.

Q: What is the best way to keep a marriage going strong?

Some shops have bargain flowers but the place where I go when I have the spontaneous urge to buy is ZuZu’s Petals on Summer Street in Fitchburg.

Hey it is going to be 22 years next month I must be doing something right.

Oh and if you mention this blog post they will give you 10% off for a limited time.

So get her flowers NOW!, Don’t wait for the birthday, the anniversary or when you screw up.

Mr. DaTechguy goes to CPAC Part 3

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Friday I was up early my posts were set up and I was ready early. I knew that Pam Geller’s Jihad event was at 10:00 and it was for me THE event of the conference. Smitty was up early once things were all set he went off to get the car (He had Robert Stacy’s parked in his driveway so he parked at a local church a few min away) so I gathered my stuff and waited for him to come back…

…and waited…

…and waited…

I was a little worried, I called his cell phone and found that it was left in the house. That got me concerned, I hadn’t actually seen him walk out the door, so I checked the house, did he fall? was he hurt, did something happen? No sign. Called Stacy, he hadn’t heard a thing. So I started reading a book and waited some more.

It turned out that a homeless person that was known to Smitty has been near the car. Being a Christian gentleman he gave her aid and succor. When he walked back into the house he was very embarrassed because of how late we were running but what could I say? I’m going to come down on a person for doing right by his faith?

So we started toward the Metro station and lo and behold half way there he realized he forgot something important! At this point I knew making it to Pam’s event was iffy at best so Smitty, gentleman that he is dropped me off at the metro so I could get going while he headed back to get his stuff.

By the time I did what passes for running for me to where Pam event was located it was 30 minutes into it and the room was absolutely packed. I had already missed Wafa Sultan and walked into the presentation by Steve Coughlin.

I slowly started moving toward the front placing myself against the left side wall and looked for openings to slide myself forward my goal being next to Barbara who was already in the front row as shown by the photos at Nice Deb’s. Eventually I got to the front sat on the floor and started taking pictures and film.

To say I was moved by these people is a great understatement. At best I’ve risked some barbs and maybe being teased a bit in Massachusetts for being a conservative republican and writing about Jihad. Some of the people on stage endured slavery, violence and risk of life and limb to stand up to people trying to kill us. From what I understand Pam got some grief for her conference and is on the front line.

How do you thank a woman like that? How do you express your admiration for people who do this when there is no reward or appreciation for it? I felt very small around them.

Later on I ran into Simon Deng with Barbara Espinosa and he consented to a short interview with me, where I found out he was Catholic like myself, but more importantly he had kept his faith through slavery and suffering. At this point I knew why I couldn’t find my Knights beads and he was gracious enough to accept them.

From there it was more work on Barbara’s new machine some interviews including my prophetic one with Patricia Sullivan who next to Col West impressed me more than any candidate there. then back to the bloggers room where I was able to see part of the Ron Paul speech and later had a conversation in passing with John Fund, one of the few MSM people I saw.

As the night wore on I started to poke around and film more interviews and post. I found myself in the bar (for a guy who doesn’t drink much if anything I spent a ton of time there not drinking) with my PC back in the bloggers room. I was about to interview someone from the Bank of Kev when I realized that I left my memory card upstairs in my PC. When I got there they were doing the Reagan award announcement and I decided to stay for it. I slipped downstairs into the $750 a person section and found myself with the exception of the CSPAN camera the only one filming, I figured there might be a surprise guest who would win the Reagan but as I listened I realized what was about to happen. It was going to validate everything I had been saying for days.

I started doing interviews with abandon and feeling very pleased with myself headed back to the bar area where I continued shooting. By about 10 p.m. I shot my last interview and settled down and struck up a conversation with the person who I interviewed last that evening. Joy McCain aka Little Miss Attila

Update: If you missed them here are part 1 and part 2.

Spring must finally be here

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A moment of hope for all Fitchburg!

When Dairy Queen finally opens we know that winter is finally on the run.