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Take a look at this passage from pages 1073-1074 of the bill.

A qualified health benefits plan shall comply with standards established by the Commissioner for the accurate and timely disclosure of plan documents, plan terms and conditions, claims payment policies and practices, periodic financial disclosure, data on enrollment, data on disenrollment, data on the number of claims denials, data on rating practices, information on cost-sharing and payments with respect to any out-of-network coverage, and other information as determined appropriate by the Commissioner. The Commissioner shall require that such disclosure be provided in plain language.

Now take a look at this section also on page 1074:

(2) PLAIN LANGUAGE.—In this subsection, the term ‘‘plain language’’ means language that the intended audience, including individuals with limited English proficiency, can readily understand and use because that language is clean, concise, well-organized, and follows other best practices of plain language writing.

Now two quick thoughts spring to mind:

1. Why wouldn’t the law just require plain language in plans instead of directing the commissioner to require it?

2. Where is the plain language in the bill itself? If we are requiring plan language for the health benefits plan why can’t we require plain language for the bill itself? I mean look at the thing, how much “plain language” do you see?

Remember also this is the reconciliation bill, if the House passes the Senate version of Obamacare, this might not even see the light of day because the senate bill will be law.

The War Lovers: Amazon Vine review

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My review through the Amazon Vine program of Evan Thomas’ book The War Lovers Roosevelt, Lodge, Hearst and the Rush to Empire 1898 to be released April 27th is available at here.

I think the book would have been a whole lot better if he didn’t attempt to use it to cheap shot the Bush Administration on Iraq and if he had made it a point at the start to acknowledge the cooperation of members of the Castro government in the volume at the start rather than at the end. Even with that it isn’t bad at all.

I’d really like to hear Val’s opinion of it as a free Cuban.

The Lonely Conservative is on the ball!

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Via a Tweet from Michelle Malkin she links to the reconciliation bill which has just gone up.

She did not find the word abortion in it.

My understanding is they still need to pass the senate bill before they can consider this.

I have a breakfast with my elderly confirmation godfather scheduled tomorrow so I don’t know how much time I’ll have to go through it but we shall see.

Update: Michelle Has a full post up on the subject. I’m sure three days will be enough for everyone to understand just what is in this bill and what they are voting on.

Never forget that we as a nation elected these people. If this monstrosity is passed and we have to live with it, then a lot of voters who bought the whole hope change nonsense will only have themselves to blame.

Update 2: While the word Abortion is not in here the words “family planning” appear 19 times.

from page 784:

In the case of an individual described in section 1902(hh), such medical assistance shall be limited to family planning services and supplies described in 1905(a)(4)(C) and, at the State’s option, medical diagnosis and treatment services that are provided in conjunction with a family planning service in a family planning setting. emphasis mine

Hmmm…”treatment services that are provided in conjunction with a family planning service”. I wonder what that might be referring to? I suspect it doesn’t refer to foot massages.

Update 3: the bill is not without comedy.

Update 4: Memeorandum has it up but somehow doesn’t include the Lonely Conservative who was first. What gives?

I was perusing memeorandum to see if there was anything I wanted to rant about before I hit the sack and noticed a link that included Ann Althouse. I don’t normally see Althouse listed there so I checked out the post. It was in answer to Rush Limbaugh and the lessons of the 60’s.

The post is typical Althouse, well written, intelligent and a pleasure to read but in reading the post I was struck dumb by a sentence near the end that really threw me for a loop:

I’d say the 60s left quite a mark on Rush Limbaugh. They left a mark on me too — quite a different mark though (and I was born on the same day in 1951 as Rush).

My reaction. Ann Althouse was born in 1951! She is twelve years older than me and pushing 60?

I mean look at the woman:

If this woman looks like this at 59 can you imagine what she must have looked like 30 years ago? Meade I tip my fedora to you and Ann as gentlemen used to say in an earlier time: My complements marm!

Update: For an explanation of the 20/40 rule click here.