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Are you a blogger who wants to be part of the field guide? Drop me a line. If you are able to get to the 5th street diner I’ll meet you there, give you a short interview and include you in the general “Field guide to bloggers” that I plan on keeping up. We can have lunch (you don’t even have to pay for mine!) and have a nice little chat.

Conservative, liberal, whatever, if you are a blogger and want to be included in the field guide, let me know and we will set up a day for the diner and get you filmed. Hey maybe we can put your photo under Stacy McCain’s?

…BTW, youtube is iffy tonight so the next part of DaTechGuy’s field guide to CPAC bloggers will have to wait till tomorrow.

Break out the 1812 again for Haemet

Posted: March 8, 2010 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Yes it is time once again to add a link to the Blog Roll. Let’s give a tip of the Fedora to the charming Roxeanne of Haemet.

She is exactly the type of woman I hope my sons eventually find and marry.

Of course he is a member of the Axis of Fedora (in fact a charter member and he wore the Same Fedora at the Scott Brown victory party that got Smitty into GQ. So he knows the power of the Fedora:

You know that lazy SOB in your newsroom? No, not him . . . the other one. Okay, the other other one. Why not replace him and save your paper some dough in the process.

I knew there was a reason why I bought his book on Friday.

You haven’t bought his book yet? You should, he is nice guy. A scholar who can both quote Dante in Italian and write as blunt as a sailor in a tavern after his ship pays off. The man who can produce this reaction from my wife, and this reaction from his Co-blogger that I met at CPAC:

thinking of Dan, and really hope he’s going to be okay. Cannot really have fun until he is better.

When a young woman enjoying her first CPAC final thought is for the health of her friend and co-blogger that co-blogger must be special.

If a guy like that isn’t worth the price of a book I’d like to know what is?

It’s called the Job Corps Fraud Blog and it is worth your time.

The author is one of the most honest and honorable people I know. Her story is here. I would believe her word on a blog over a sworn statement on a stack of bibles from a lot of other people.