Well I was wrong about the IOC…

Posted: October 2, 2009 by datechguy in Blame Bush, opinion/news
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I figured that they would give Obama this win to compensate for the non-corporation that they will give him on Iran and Afghanistan:

I guess not.

Not only does he lose but he doesn’t even make it out of the first round.

What does that mean? It means that the perception internationally is there is absolutely NO COST for snubbing this US president.

Let see how the media spin this one. There must be some way to blame George Bush.

I really shouldn’t but I can’t help myself:

the sad thing is I’m directing this at the Obamacult, but the rest of the world is directing it toward us.

Update: Hotair is all out.

Update 2: The greenroom too!

Update 3: Michelle on fire. Rush has a great quote:

Who knew the IOC was racist?

I bet Charles Johnson did!

Update 4: Rio Wins! This proves that the crime issue wasn’t a primary consideration against Chicago. It’s all O’Keefe’s fault, if it wasn’t for him and Hannah Giles and her bikini pics Acorn could have helped stuff the ballot. (yes Rush said it first but he didn’t mention bikini pics!).

Update 5: Some media reactions

La Times:

The decision dashes the hopes of U.S. boosters — President Obama chief among them — who had put their reputations on the line to help win the games for Chicago. The announcement came as the president and first lady headed back to Washington after making a last-minute appeal to the International Olympic Committee as it met in Copenhagen.

UK Daily Mail:

IOC makes history – and humiliates Obama – as Rio de Janeiro is awarded 2016 Olympics

The State:

The IOC decision was a major blow to Mayor Richard M. Daley, who spent three years working, cajoling and insisting that the games would be a boon for his city. The 67-year-old Daley, who has been in office for 20 years, was already grappling with low approval ratings, though it was an open question whether a winning Olympics bid would help or hurt those numbers.

Update 6: The Anchoress talks sense

Did the IOC look at Obama -who treats his nations’ traditional allies rather dismissively, and her enemies with too much deference- and see “weakness”?

I’ll never forget what Osama bin Laden said about the decision to attack the US on her own soil, that he saw the United States, throughout the 1990’s as “the weak horse.”

Beyond all the media madness concerning these Olympic Games, Obama’s losing a bid for Chicago may well be sending another sort of message altogether to the wrong people: America is weak.

If that is the sentiment being projected, then our own media have a hand in creating the impression of weakness. Yes, it’s worrisome.

Riehl has his own suggestion:

Next time, perhaps they should consider relying on advocates who truly are proud of America and like her just the way she’s been. Yes, Sarah Palin does come to mind just now.

Not a Chance, Sarah Palin is much too smart to risk US prestige in this way.

Glenn tweaks the left:

That’s too bad. I was kinda looking forward to seeing President Palin speak at the opening ceremonies. . . .

Update 7: Apparently we are all unpatriotic for laughing at the Obamacult and their God’s ineptness. That is the line of the blogs of the left. Don Surber answers them:

The left confuses standing beside the nation in wartime — something the left by and large failed to do — with hoping an arrogant president and the corrupt City Hall machine that backs him fall flat on their faces on an international stage.

The left is now fully vested in the Cult of Personality, blindly following this twerp wherever he may lead.

The president risked all for a trifle.

But there is a grain of truth in the complaint from the left. But not for the reasons they stated.

“Chicago’s dismal showing today, after Mr Obama’s personal, impassioned last-minute pitch, is a stunning humiliation for this President. It cannot be emphasised enough how this will feed the perception that on the world stage he looks good — but carries no heft,” Tim Reid wrote in the Times of London.

That is what hurts the nation and the world. President Obama pissed away the prestige of the presidency so the boys back home could line their pockets with kickbacks on an Olympian scale. In the sober aftermath, America did lose today. Obama — not the IOC — is to blame.

As I said at the top, we are laughing at the shock of the Obamacult, the rest of the world is laughing at us. As for the left which seems to have decided on their talking points, the last word goes to the blogfather:

Whatever Soros is paying, it’s too much.

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