The end of the saga of the wandering Olver sign

Posted: October 4, 2010 by datechguy in elections, local stuff, politics, short films/interviews
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First there was the Bill Gunn signs everywhere

Then there was the Olver sign at the closed business on John Fitch Highway that was gone in 48 hours.

48 Hours later it moved to Burger King and was gone the same day.

The Olver sign disappears from Burger King

But at last 48 Hours later it has apparently found a permanent home at Jiffy Lube on 541 John Fitch Highway

I talked to the guys at Jiffy Lube. They said a lady came by and asked permission to put the sign up and they agreed. So the 3rd time is the charm and in a city where Bill Gunn signs abound the John Olver’s sign finally has a home.


Of course if it changes I’ll let you know.

  1. For some reason, I’ve really enjoyed the wandering sign saga. Sometimes, it’s the little things I guess.

    Keep us posted if it moves!

  2. dahospitalityguy says:

    There are Olver signs all around town. They are on the busy streets and also in front of people’s houses too.

    I’ll be driving around town today Friday October 8 and count all the ‘visible’ signs out. I’d be willing to bet that the signs will be closer to a 1-to-1 ratio.

    1. Only one sign per location will count. Example: Lets say window at Olver’s office is covered in Olver signs it will count only for 1. Or 5 people are on a street corner picketing for Gunn.

    2. Size of signs will not matter. A larger sign counts the same as a smaller sign.

    3. Bumper stickers will count but must name candidate in the ’08 election.

    4. Fitchburg only.

    5. Dead end streets will be avoided unless a sign is noticable from a connecting road.

    6. I will be driving on all major state highways and routes in the City from end to end. Route 2, Route 12, Route 3, Route 13 from end to end in the city. Also on all other major roads: John Fitch Highway, Lunenburg St, Franklin Road, Electric Ave, South Street, Summer Street & Main Street.

    7. A candidate sighting gives bonus points

    8. I will begin counting at 6am

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