Ann Marie Buerkle Press conference and the Maffei Halloween Whoppers

Posted: October 18, 2010 by datechguy in congress, elections, politics, special events
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Camillus NY 10:30 A.M. Oct 18, 2010 (via Ithaca NY 1:32 p.m. at the house of Legal Insurrection)

Stacy & I hit the Ann Marie Buerkle Press conference in front of a small mall in Camillus NY today

Stacy Takes Notes

The Press was there to hear what she had to say:

the press sets up for the conference

Buerkle bluntly stated that congressman Maffei was misrepresenting the fact.

Buerkle addresses the press

The idea is he is desperate to change the subject from his own voting record. This would not be a surprise as democrats in trouble have been running from their votes and the voters all over the country this year.

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As for the “interesting” poll that shows her down, she pointed out bluntly that Maffei has not released polls all year, considering that she has been neck and neck for a while the idea that he suddenly has a 12 point lead is…”interesting“. Then again this is the same polling service that padded Rick Lazlio’s by 19 points and was 38 points off on Paladino in the primary.

I know its near Halloween, but if Maffei & the Mainstream Media are going to give out Whoppers…

Much better Whoppers than the MSM or Maffei's campaign are delivering this Halloween

…I suggest these instead.

I will have video uploaded as soon as I’m able, meanwhile next stop Pa-10!

Update: Stacy’s video uploaded faster than mine, here is his take at the blog and his spectator piece on it.

At the press conference, Buerkle introduced one of her tenants – a hairstyling salon owner named Andre – and said his situation exemplifies the economic problems of the 25th District that she hopes to address in Congress. “Andre represents one of those hard-working Americans who takes a risk. He spends days in his salon working hard to be successful. And Andre and all the other small businesses in upstate New York . . . need Washington to get out of the way.”

Meanwhile I’ve managed to get a quick video of people reacting before the press conference up:

The grass roots are very green here and will likely grow to a bumper crop come Nov 2nd.

Update 2: Here is Ann Marie Buerkle at the press conference:

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