Hughey Woodring and Jason Fitzgerald talk to me about the Tom Marino campaign and Pa in general.

The most important words said in this interview:

Me: What would you like to say to those people not only in this country but all across the country republicans and conservatives who are thinking: “It’s looking good and we can ease off a little?

Hughey Woodring: Get out and volunteer and get the word out!

Me: Is there any other way to win an election without working just right till the end?

Hughey: No!

Hughey Woodring advice about not getting complacent predates Glenn Reynolds, after all Hughey is old enough to be his blogfather

Update: Stacy McCain has an update with some good poll numbers for the district

Update 2: Here is an example of a Poll not as reliable

Anyone who believes Ann Marie Buerkle is down 12 in NY-25 likely thought that Tom Marino had no chance in Pa-10

Update 3: Instalanche, check out the links to all of my posts on the road trip here.

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