The New York Times on Ladd Ehlinger Jr. and his Barney Frank ad for Sean Bielat

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The NYT has put up its story on Ladd Ehlinger and the Barney Frank ad. One piece of it that I noticed:

Mr. Bielat’s line, to appear at the end of the ad, was supposed to go something like: “I don’t need to dance around the issues. I’m a Marine.” But Mr. Bielat said he did not feel comfortable linking his military service to a political ad in a way that felt “like a non sequitur,” so he improvised.

How honorable is Sean Bielat? He was unwilling to use his Marine service as a prop. How many pols think that way?

Here are a pair of behind the scenes clips first the green screen area

That’s the NYT crew and RS McCain as they cover Ladd

When the ad comes up I’ll put it up with the last three behind the scene clips.

Update: One change since the film was made, it is no longer a “longshot” ah how the news cycle changes

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  2. Can’t wait to see it!

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  4. Sheila Leavitt says:

    WATCH SEAN BIELAT do the Big Money Boogie:

    Sean Bielat can “distance himself from both Palin and the Tea Party” until the cows come home, but he is definitely NOT refusing their money (http://WWW.BOSTON.COM/NEWS/POLITICS/POLITICALINTELLIGENCE/2010/10/LITTLE-KNOWN_PA.HTML — see full text below).
    Like Mr. Brown, Bielat is running a canny race in a traditionally liberal district, and dancing both partners in the Tea Party/mainline conservative Republican dance.
    Of course Sean can’t do the loudmouth, xenophobic, homophobic Tea Party thing, not overtly anyway. He knows to lay it between the lines in Newton and Brookline, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, “wouldn’t want them to think that I’m a homophobe.”
    But fooled-you-twice-like-Scott-Brown if you think Bielat is anything but an unemployed ex-marine with a string of letters from fancy institutions behind his name, no record to examine, no closet to empty — fresh-faced and unblemished, just the way the Rove puppet masters like ‘em. That “Bielat money bomb’? All “grassroots contributions?” Don’t make me laugh. He’s just another Bush-guy with strings to the plutocracy that is busily buying up our “democracy,” using the anger and (I’ll say it) stupidity of the Tea Party “little people” to give the thing a populist face. What dupes!
    Little-known PAC funds campaign to defeat Barney Frank and Jim McGovern
    E-mail | Print | Comments (37) Posted by Stephanie Vallejo October 22, 2010 02:07 PM
    By Farah Stockman, Globe Staff
    A little-known political action committee called “Western Representation” is funding the campaign to defeat Barney Frank of Newton and Rep. Jim McGovern, of Worcester.
    The group’s web site does not list contact information, and its source of funding and political backing could not immediately be determined.
    According to the group’s Web site, it is also funding campaigns to unseat Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, of Nevada, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, and moderate Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.
    Harry Gural, a spokesman for Frank, said the group has put $200,000 into the two Massachusetts races. He said fears of a quick infusion of money from Tea Party supporters and others from around the country convinced Frank to loan his campaign $200,000 to counter a last-minute push.