Congratulations to Hallie Miller and my thanks…

Posted: January 2, 2011 by datechguy in fun
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…to all of you who voted for her in the Savvy Magazine Modeling contest. With your effort and votes she finished 6th overall qualifying for the photo spread that may or may not start her on the way to a successful modeling career.

It is important to note that for her and for all the other young ladies who managed to make the top 10 (and consider the difference between 10th and 11th was only 43 votes) this represents only a foot in the door so to speak. It will be up to each one of them to work hard, avoid pitfalls and temptations, and turn this start into a successful future in modeling or media.

But those hurdles are ahead of them, for now it is a time to smile and celebrate. So Hallie, congratulations! May this be just the start of a fantastic year for you and yours.

(and thanks for your kind words).

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