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For the next 3 weeks WCRN will be hosing 1 hour specials from 10-11 p.m on Saturday nights after DaTechGuy on DaRadio ends, hosted by John Weston (with me sitting in on occasion).

This week’s topic will be abortion and the guest will be Rod Murphy the author of Stopping Abortions at death’s door.

That’s 10 p.m. this Saturday on AM 830 WCRN right after DaTechGuy on DaRadio with the Blogfather himself Glenn Reynolds! Listen Live here.

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in Boston.

I had absolutely no idea that this moment would become life changing.

I was before that moment a guy who was blogging a bit while looking for a tech support gig, finding interviews few and far between. I had not been on an Airplane in 17 years, had never been to DC, Virginia or Georgia and had not really met any of my fellow bloggers.

By the end of one week I was a credentialed Blogger at the Scott Brown Victory party. Over the course of the year i’ve been to CPAC, Started writing for, Covered tax day rallies in Boston and DC, Ridden on the Tea Party express, Covered a congressional race in Georgia, attended Blogcon, Stopped by the Black Family reunion, Interviewed Renne Ellmers who would eventually become Congresswomen Ellmers, Covered the 9/11 & 9/12 rallies in DC, Watched the production of the Dancing Barney Frank Video, Went on a road trip through 5 states, Interviewed Ann Marie Buerkle (now congresswoman Buerkle) , Covered congressional debates and attended victory parties and now host my radio show DaTechGuy on DaRadio.

This has in short been one of the most eventful and interesting years I have lived.

But all of it started with A tip jar request, an offer to put Stacy up for a week (since I didn’t have the cash to spare) and a drive to Boston and the rest is history.

John Meacham began with a blunt lie stating that Sarah Palin’s speech was “All about her” proving not only that he didn’t read or watch her statement but displaying the accuracy and wisdom that forced him to sell Newsweek for less than the price of a Whopper Jr. at Burger King.

After 4 minutes of this I finally decided that life is too short to waste it with this nonsense.

Instead I’ve put on the last CD of the Complete Three Stooges Collection that my youngest got for Christmas.

That’s how far Morning Joe has fallen into Palin Derangement Syndrome. The Joe Besser episodes of the Three Stooges from 54 years ago is a more sensible use of my time.

Like the Anchoress said:

Where Sarah Palin is concerned, the mainstream press and the political pundit class are like 14 year olds obsessing over the social order of the cafeteria, and especially that stupid new cootie girl, ewwww.

They are the spiteful, malevolent and immature teenagers in “Carrie,” armed with pig-blood and just looking for any opportunity to pour it.

They are repulsive in their clique; one wants to take them by their shoulders and shake them and say “grow up! GROW UP!”

The question is, will I turn it back on Monday Morning?