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Reading the speech now

Posted: January 25, 2011 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Assuming this is the correct speech, long and boring, signifying little.

With the mixed audience the idea is to make it look like heavy applause. I’m tired so I don’t know if I want to bother, but I want to hear what Bachmann says afterward.

Either way the media will paint it as a centrist call for action and a triumph and the republican response as petty. Why even bother, the spin is preordained. I’ve seen this movie before.

If he wanted to make a good speech this would be it:

“As times are hard, all over America people are spending carefully to live within their means. From this point forward I pledge that government will do the same.”

The end

A history lesson for those preaching civility

Update: The Path to violence explained via Althouse/glenn:

1. Frances Fox Piven advocates left-wing violence by the unemployed against the government.

2. Glenn Beck criticizes her for this, calling such talk dangerous.

3. Then an unstable unemployed left-wing radical engages in violence against the government.

4. Glenn Beck then repeats his criticism of Piven.

5. Finally, the Am. Sociological Assn blames Glenn Beck for his criticism of Piven AND indirectly for the left-wing violence.

Assuming we are not dealing with simple intellectual dishonesty and CYA I’m forced to conclude this is more evidence that to the left their political beliefs have morphed into a religion.

The logic of the Assn escapes me.

I missed this year’s March for life.

Lucky for you Steven D. Greydanus didn’t, just keep scrolling.

The Anchoress has more.

I’d send you to the MSM but I’m assuming you actually want to know what happened.

Can someone tell me where this move to the center is?

Since the election every network (except Fox of course) has one word for the president: “centrist”, “centrist” “centrist”. Son of Journolist lives!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the President made one deal to avoid an embarrassing defeat concerning taxes. That’s it.

If the White House didn’t make that deal, democrats would have gotten all the blame for a tax debacle while letting Republicans get the credit for it for the solution.

Where is the move to the center? Where is this BS coming from? Are people uninformed enough to believe it?

It’s clear that this is the template that the White House/Democratic Party/MSM has embraced to prepare the ground for 2012 but in a world where social networks allow us to bypass these sources, can they convince the public to buy it?

If we do, or if we don’t, we will get the government we deserve.