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…in Ezra Klein’s sort of Mea Culpa:

Ezra Klein made the biggest mistake that can be made by a liberal — progressive — socialist — communist — no labelist — whatever the heck they call themselves on the 31st of the month.

He was being honest.

He does not believe in the Constitution.

He is cynical about it and he projects that same cynicism onto those who disagree with him.

That’s a pretty serious charge but he backs it up:

In reality, the tea party — like most everyone else (emphasis mine) — is less interested in living by the Constitution than in deciding what it means to live by the Constitution. When the constitutional disclaimers at the bottom of bills suit them, they’ll respect them. When they don’t — as we’ve seen in the case of the individual mandate — they won’t.

What a telling statement in that last paragraph is.

What Ezra Klein means by “most everyone else” is Ezra Klein.

And so the sentence means that Ezra Klein is not interested in living by the Constitution but rather, Ezra Klein wants to decide what the Constitution means.

That is his point of view.

Such a belief would explain why the Left was so upset about Gitmo — shredding the Constitution — under Bush but now could not care less about Gitmo.

When a document means whatever people want it to mean then it means nothing. The Constitution is a contract and a contract means what is says. How would you like us to redefine what the deed to your house means? The contract you work under, The rules of blackjack when you are winning? Or as Don puts it:

Well, when you are taught — as Al Gore said it — that “the Constitution is a living and breathing document” you really miss the entire point of having a Constitution.


Open house or no we have a show to do so tune in at 9:30 p.m. (due to BC Basketball pushing us and Conservatively speaking back 30 minutes)

Our primary guest is Barbara Espinosa of the blog AmericanFreedom and of KFNX’s Hair on Fire Monday evenings 8 p.m. Arizona time.

Our in house guest (literally as we are leaving from my open house party for the studio) will be DaScienceGuy.

We will be talking about the border, Amnesty and Venezuela and Iranian missiles and the stories the media blew the best in 2010.

So tune in to WCRN 830 AM on your dial if you are in our 50,000 Watt range and if you are not click on our site and listen live

And I want to welcome two new advertisers who are joining us this week:

Bee’s Shipping (who I’ve mentioned here). They take the sting out of shipping to Africa.

and The FCA flight center at Fitchburg Airport where you are only $59 away from the controls of your first flight. Welcome aboard!

And make sure you come back for our incredible lineup this month:

Jan 8th Babalu blog

Jan 15th Instapundit

Jan 22nd Little Miss Attila

Jan 29th Fisherville Mike

Tune in Saturdays at 9 p.m. (or anytime online at the blog) and be a part of the show and remember starting Feb 5th we go to TWO HOURS with double the fun, more guests, more bloggers, more FEDORAS!

4:00 a.m. The 70th guest left at this time and the party officially ended. Wow!

7:44 p.m. 63 and counting

5:40 p.m. 52 the record is broken

4:11 49 people already 3 shy of the record Wow!

42 at it’s not even 4 p.m. !

31 after 90 min holy guacamole!

Up to 28 and it’s only an hour in!


Update 3: 13 down 39 to go

Update: Two guys have come early, current guest count 2

Update 2: count now 11 41 to go for the record

My annual Christmas Open house is today from 2 p.m. till the last person leaves.

The rules are: turn up any time, stay as long as you want, leave any time. The party end when the last person leaves.

There is a VERY limited amount of beer and some booze but there is Lasagna, Ham, braciole, wings, sauce, meatballs, some sausage, deserts etc etc etc.

The only beer is a sixpack of Wachusett Country Ale (even though they aren’t advertising with me HINT HINT) so if you have a favorite you might want to bring it.

One note, due to today’s show I’ll be leaving around 8:15 p.m. to go to the studio, do the show and then come back, likely around 11:15 or so.

Remember the party ends when the last person leaves, the latest its gone is 2 a.m. and the earliest 10:45 but since DaScienceGuy will be in the car the last guest will be here till 11:15 at least.

There will be game systems set up in two rooms and many types of board games to choose from Apples to apples to Cave Troll to the munchkin games to chess.

So eat drink and be Merry and celebrate the 8th day of Christmas with us!

And if you want to know what to bring:

  • Your favorite Booze or beer in case we don’t have it (we have vodka, stoli, Rum and raspberry stoli, a little Lambrusco and some Chivas)
  • Ice
  • Or any dish you wish if you wish.

but mainly bring yourself.

And not to be a party popper but don’t be bringing drugs, if you do we will kick you out and call the cops on you.  And if you are under age I don’t care if your 21st birthday is tomorrow don’t even think of touching a drop of booze here or you will be kicked out and the cops called on you.

Happy New Year (and 8th day of Christmas)

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May it bring joy to all!