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King Ragnar’s Vikings 5 Senators 1

Jacob DeGrom pitched a complete game and drove in two key late runs ending giving the Vikings a 5-1 victory over the Washington Senators.

Sean Newcomb (L 0-1) found himself constantly in trouble allowing a run in the 2nd on a Jed Lowrey single driving in Anthony Rizzo who doubled before him and another in the 3rd when Ketel Marte singled in Mallex Smith who ended up on 2nd on an infield Single after Trevor Story threw the ball away. But despite having baserunners in every inning more often than not he pitched his way out of trouble stranding Marte on 3rd after a triple in the 1st Smith on 2nd with no outs in the 5th and Rizzo on 2nd with one out in the 6th and when he came out of the game with one on and one out in the 7th he was only down 2-1 and Washington had a real chance to win.

Unfortunately for Washington DeGrom (W 1-0) wasn’t given them chances to convert. Other Trevor Story (2-3 with a solo shot in the 3rd) Washington batters were kept in check. Their best chance to tie came in the 5th. Story singled with one out and Newcomb bunted him to 2nd and Sterling Marte’s slow roller that Lowrie couldn’t come up with put runners on the corners with 2 out, but deGrom coaxed a weak grounder to Rizzo at first and the threat was over.

The Critical moment in the game came in the top of the 8th when after a two out single by Lowrie, First baseman Jesus Aguilar misplayed a grounder hit right to him putting Jean Segura on 1st and Lowrie on second with deGrom’s spot up. Manager Gank had to choose between a chance to break the game open with a pinch hitter or sticking with his starter who had allowed only four hits and one walk in 7 innings. He got the best of both worlds when deGrom not only drove a Jesus Familia fastball into the gap in left center scoring Lowrie and Segura but retired six of the next seven hitters to complete the game and the win for King Ragnar.

Notes To this point the Vikings have not won a game that their bullpen has appeared in. Despite a respectable performance vs the Vikings Sean Newcombe remains last or tied for last on Washington staff in six categories including ERA, hits runs earned runs and walks allowed. Trevor Story has homered in every game that he’s committed an error in. Juan Segura was 1-3 with a run scored and remains is the only Vikings player to place in the top 10 in any offensive category currently 4th in batting .350 and 8th in on base percentage .409.

NYY 4 Juneau 0

Luis Severino gave up 4 hits in 8+ innings and Brett Gardner scored all four Yankee runs and New York Shut out the Juneau Muffen Men 4-0.

Gardener started making trouble for Anibal Sanchez (L 1-0) right at the start singling to center to lead off and stealing 2nd with one out to put himself in a perfect spot to score on Miguel Andujar’s single to make it 1-0. In the 3rd he reached again this time on a Sanchez error scoring on Aaron Judge’s one out double making it 2-0 and took advantage of both his skill and the Muffin Men’s defense in the 5th doubling to right center and taking 3rd on Bryce Harper’s error allowing Judge’s one out single to score him again and finally came home on a bases loaded walk issued in the 7th to Giancarlo Stanton by reliever Joakim Soria.

While NY in general and Gardner in particular were taking advantages of Juneau miscues the Muffen men failed to do the same. In the 2nd Andrew Benitendi grounded to 2nd after getting a 2nd chance when Judge dropped his foul fly. Mookie Betts reached 2nd on a walk followed by a wild pickoff throw by Severino but remained stranded as Joey Votto grounded out. In the 3rd Benintendi singled and Harper walked with one out but Bettis was k’ed by Severino and Votto grouned out again. In the 4th Shohei Ohtani walked but was thrown out by Gardner at 3rd when he tried to take an extra base on Scotter Gennett’s one out single. No other Washington batter would reach 2nd till the ninth when Jonathan Holder (who came in for Severino after he complained of pain after his 1st pitch of the inning) gave up an infield single to Votto and he reached 2nd on a grounder where he would remain till Gennett flew out to end the game.

Notes: Two of the Yankees four runs were unearned. Juneau and NY combined for six errors the most so far by any pair of teams this season. The Yankees Severino is considered day to day but thanks to the travel game after tomorrow is expected, barring setbacks to make his next scheduled start. It will be JA Happ (0-1) for NY against Mike Foltynewicz (1-0) in the finale

Boston 6 Texas 1

Kris Bryant went 2-4 including a solo shot in the 5th and Justin Verlander pitched like…Justin Verlander and Boston defeated Texas 6-1 at the Ballpark in Arlington.

Corey Kluber’s (L 0-1) long day began in the 1st when Brandon Nimmo tripled to get things started. After a walk to Ben Zobrist, Kluber retired the next two and looked like he might escape undamaged until Alex Bregman singled to left scoring Nimmo to make it 1-0.

It was more of the same in the 3rd. Nimmo led off with a single and Zobrisst followed with the same sending Nimmo to 3rd. It might have been a disaster but JD Martinez hit a sharp grounder to short that Lindor converted into a double play scoring Nimmo but eliminating the chance for a big inning. A solo shot by to start the fifth by Kris Bryant made it 3-0 but Kluber would settle down and keep his team in the game and out of trouble until the 9th.

Unfortunately for him Justin Verlander (W 2-0) didn’t give Texas an opening allowing only a stray hit or walk until the 8th when Tucker Barnhart doubled to right with two out scoring Ryan Brawn who singled with one out to make the game 3-1.

Given Verlander’s performance to that point (8 IP 3 H 1R 12k) the odds were long for a comback in the bottom of the 9th but they became much longer once Boston came up again Kluber who gave up a leadoff single to Hoskins who made it to 2nd on Brawn’s error followed by another single to Ronald Acuna Jr. Putting runners on 1st and 3rd with nobody out. Nathan Eovildi came in and immediately gave up a pair of singles one to JT Realmuto that scored Hoskins and one to Bryant that scored Acuna. When Martinez added a bases loaded single scoring Realmuto with one out the only question left was what would Verlander’s final line would be (it was 13 K’s and four hits).

Verlander is the 1st pitcher to reach two wins this season. Even after being held to five hits Texas has three starters hitting .308 or better (Freeman .400, Lindor .308 & Brawn .538). The Thunder hit into more double places (2) then they had at bats with runners in scoring position (1). only had one man bat with runners in scoring position the entire game. Despite having two hits and scoring two runs Brandon Nimmo was 0-2 with men in scoring position. Zach Grenkie (1-0) of Texas will face Blake Snell (0-1) in tomorrow’s finale.

Dodgers 5 Raider 2

Los Angeles hit three home runs to Rivertown’s one and Dodger ace Kershaw outpitched Rivertown ace Sale las LA won the battle of the lefty aces by a score of 5-2

Clayton Kershaw (W 1-1) started slow didn’t start well giving up a single to Lorenzo Cain to start things off. One out later he grooved a pitch to Paul Goldschmidt that he put over the left field wall for a early 2-0 lead.

In the bottom of the 2nd LA stuck back. against Chris Sale (L 1-1) Matt Kemp put Sales 1st pitch of the inning over the center field wall, Max Muncy drew a walk and Chris Taylor followed with a drive not quite as deep to right center but more than deep enough to give LA a 3-2 lead.

That was more than Enough for Kershaw who retired the next nine in a row before being relieved in the 6th by Pat Venditte the 1st of three relievers who would give Rivertown more of the same. Their only real threat came in the 7th when Marcell Ozuna singled to left to start the inning and Nelson Cruz walked with two out and Ozuna on 2nd. The put the go ahead runs on for Yadier Molina. Alas for Rivertown he grounded into a force to end the threat and when in the bottom of the inning Diego Castillo, after relieving Sale with a man on and one out, grooved a pitch that Corey Bellinger absolute crushed to right center it was all over for the Raiders:

Notes: Bellinger’s homer traveled 488 Feet one of the longest of the season.
Lorenzo Cain hat two of Boston’s five hits but was caught stealing in the 8th after his 2nd hit. Kenley Janson (s3) pitched a perfect 9th for his 3rd save. It will be Walter Buehler (0-0) for LA vs Aaron Nola (1-0) to finish things up.

When I was a kid in the days before comic books became “woke” DC used to put out a book called Weird War Tales which consisted of short horror/sci-fi stories in a war/battle setting. There was one story that jumped to mind after reading Stacy McCain’s latest post on Ella Dawson.

A GI stationed in England training to be part of the D-Day invasion is absolutely terrified at the prospect dying during the landings. The Devil appears to him and says that he can protect him from death but only on one day. The GI sells his soul screaming “D-Day, don’t let me die on D-Day!” The Devil agrees and departs.

In the landing craft he finds himself supremely confident and when a German MG is pinning down his squad, he, to the shock of everyone else who remembered his fears, rushes forward and takes it out but is riddled to pieces.

As he lay dying the Devil appears and he accuses him of reneging on the deal. The Devil replies that this is not D-Day and as he does the GI overhears two officers standing next discussing a posthumous decoration for him noting that thanks to him, this probing raid in preparation for D-Day was a success.

You see for 30 years condoms have been pointed to as a life saver and pushed as such but as Stacy points out in his article:

Let’s quote her inspirational prose:

“I received the message loud and clear that girls who were sexual, girls who wanted sex, girls who were aggressive and talkative and confident, were those girls. . . .
“I did the bitter calculus of being a teenage girl and decided to embrace my destined and disdained sluttiness. I even made up a superhero identity for myself: Whorella.”

It was not just random coincidence, you see, that she was diagnosed with genital herpes during her junior year at Wesleyan. The law of large numbers and her own ignorance (condoms don’t prevent herpes or HPV) made it more or less inevitable that “Whorella” would catch something.

Stacy is right on the money when concerning the law of large numbers and disease. The more people you have sex with the larger the odds that you will catch something and if you are in a college in a large pool of mostly drunk people hooking up the odds of avoiding VD aren’t good.

There is a more important point than the foolishness of the young and stupid.  It’s even more important than carrying over said stupidity beyond one’s college years, it’s a point that I never tire of making and it has to do with Christianity.

One the the results of the west’s abandonment of the laws of God is the loss of the benefits of said laws, benefits that were meant for the good of those who follow them not for the benefit of God.    (Or do you think that all those rules given by God to the Jewish people about washing hands and vessels millennia before we knew that it was the easiest way to prevent disease was a coincidence?) 

God’s rules on sex are very simple.  No sex before marriage and once married no sex outside of marriage, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, open marriages, etc they’re all out.  Now if you’re a fan of sex in general, and lets face if most of us are, or if you’re a fan of  fornication, adultery, homosexuality open marriages etc etc etc in particular you might not like those rules and it’s quite understandable that many rebel against them.

However it doesn’t change the fact that if you follow those rules and your spouse does as well the odds of you catching any venereal disease are as close to zero as you can get and it goes without saying that abstinence from sex outside of marriage for married people is far more effective in preventing AIDS & HIV than the best condom money can or any potential treatment or “cure” that we have spend Billions of dollars trying to find.

Stacy & I both come from a generation that still understood that God’s laws were a shield to protect us, not a yoke to oppress.  Ms Dawson comes from a generation that doesn’t.  That’s why it’s imperative for us to go on the record now so that these basic facts, supported by centuries of experience can survive us.

Oh and pray for Ms. Dawson and folks like her and don’t get too caught up about her mistakes when you do.  Remember the wisdom of Christ in Luke 6:37-38

Stop judging and you will not be judged. Stop condemning and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven.

Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. For the measure with which you measure will in return be measured out to you.”

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The AP reports noted teenage climate activist is putting her time her month is and crossing the Atlantic in a “high tech sailboat” rather than flying to cut her carbon emissions.

Forgetting for a moment all the carbon that was produced in making the ships stores that she will spend days or weeks consuming on her trip, if she was really looking to cut the carbon for this conferencewhy not have the entire conference done by teleconference? That way nobody has to travel at all. Think of all the carbon that would save!

Alas Greta does not yet understand that such events, like climate change hysteria itself, exist for the perks not for the cause.

Another person has been injured by a charging Bison in a national park.

Officials at Theodore Roosevelt National Park say the 17-year-old girl from Colorado was on a trail Saturday and walked between two bull bison that had been fighting. One bison charged the teen who was struck in the back, gored in the thigh and tossed about six feet in the air

I blame Disney. Before they started portraying animals as cute harmless things people knew and understood that animals, particularly wild ones are dangerous but generation of Disney movies and the lack of real knowledge of animals in the wild means that fools are going to have to learn about reality the hard way.

Remember the lifestyle pushed by the show Sex in the City that convinced a generation of women that despite centuries of experience teaching otherwise women didn’t need families to be fulfilled. Well guess what the very wealthy 60 year old creator of the series says now:

Her best-selling book and the racy TV series it inspired taught a generation of women that they could ‘have it all’.
But Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell, 60, has admitted that she regrets choosing a career over having children as she is now ‘truly alone’.

She’s very rich and can console herself with her millions and botox but alas a lot of women who fell for that spiel and aren’t as wealthy as here aren’t going to be able to do the same.

One of the things I’ve been saying for the last decade is that as Christianity becomes more persecuted and more ostracized by the culture we are going to find out who really believes and who doesn’t. A prominent protestant pastor has now fallen away very publicly and Stacy McCain has some thoughts:

What happened to Josh Harris? Honestly, I don’t know. He quit the pulpit in 2015, and by 2017 was promoting himself as a consultant offering businesses “branding and content strategy.” He announced his separation from his wife in sensitive blue-pill language (they “will continue our life together as friends . . . to create a generous and supportive future for each other and for our three amazing children”). We don’t know what we don’t know, but we may speculate that his wife — who had fallen in love with him when he was a evangelical superstar — lost interest in her husband once he ceased to be a celebrity. The Mahaney scandal must have inflicted collateral damage on Josh’s reputation and status as a leader, and what is the church to such a Christian celebrity except a source of status, an adoring audience for his performances? Necessarily, the celebrity pastor’s wife becomes part of the performance, playing the role of Perfect Christian Wife, and what happens when the show is over? What happens when the pastor leaves the pulpit and there is no longer an audience for this performance?

PJ media describes this as a celebrity culture in evangelicalismwhich makes Christ the means to the end of celebrity and that never ends well.

We should pray for this man because for the rest of his life the left/media culture will celebrate him, fete him and give him all the celebrity that he was no longer getting from faith. I’m sure that they will honor support and laud him for the rest of his natural life…

…after that however, he’s on his own.

Newsbusters wrote about Evan McMullin on MSNBC opining on the dangers of a Trump re-election with Joy Reid a few days ago and I could not help but remember being on a bus in Denver with a group of conservative bloggers covering a school choice conference were a very sincere fellow spent his time on our trip back to the hotel from a school we were visiting trying to convince me that Donald Trump would be a disaster for conservatism and urging me to throw my support to McMullin.

Recently I got another raise at work. My pay counting employee contributions to a medical savings account has gone up over 52% in the 32 months since the day of the election of Donald Trump after having dropped 55% over the Obama years. If my wage continues to rise at this rate during a 2nd Trump terms I will be back at the wage I was making when Obama was elected (not adjusted for inflation) just before the 2022 midterms.

I wonder where by pay rate would be if enough people had taken the advice of that earnest conservative on that bus?