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The AG has ordered an investigation of the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Thanks to James Comey and the Obama administration almost nobody trusts the government to conduct an honest one.


In a thread on Twitter Popehat made a pretty good point about incompetence in organization in order to counter those like me who assume Mr. Epstein was murdered. I must confess that any argument that presupposes the incompetence of those who work for government is a pretty strong one.


While it might be the right financial decision for the shareholders for Universal to scarp the move Hunt I don’t like it. My thought was let the movie be released and let those who don’t want to see it not go to it, but then again my concern is the 1st amendment not profit here.


There has been a lot of shock and snide comments about a lioness eating her newborn cubs in a zoo in Germany. I’m not shocked at animals acting like animals, I’m only shocked when supposedly civilized people do.


Finally I noticed this piece at bearing arms

I know with God all things are possible but I’m not sure it includes the MSM promoting this story.

I’ve never seen an issue that has more potential for agreement than the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Both on the left and on the right it seems that everyone assumes it is murder.


At Legal Insurrection they tell of Merkel’s Germany getting ready to go after people to critique migrants online. My thought, you can take the woman out of Communist East Germany but you can’t take the Communist East Germany out of the woman.


Along those lines A co-worker who is from Armenia and whose wife is Polish was talking to me about his trip there recently. He reminded me of something I forgot, namely that just because Soviet control over the eastern bloc was gone it didn’t mean that Soviets and their allies who lived in those countries stopped believing in authoritarian government.


Many years ago Instapundit noted that Wikipedia is not a suitable source for anything remotely controversial. Their decision to pull the page on controversial trans activist Jessica Yaniv likely because it’s of disadvantage to the preferred narrative supports this completely.


Finally I recently purchased the classic 1935 movie Captain Blood which was the launching pad for Errol Flynn and the then 19 year old now 103 year old Olivia de Havilland. I’m surprised at how many scenes I’m seeing for the 1st time that were cut from my VHS copy and hope that de Havilland gets at least a few cents from my purchase as she’s entertained me my entire life.


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