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The Cuban Deal Crisis

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We have a crisis in Cuba. Not one involving missiles (at least not yet), but one involving a lack of a deal. It’s been 3 years since Castro died and 8 years since Raul took over, and yet we seem no closer to a deal. Cuba is still the only place Americans are specifically banned from visiting, even for tourism, and although there are ways around it, the influx of people that started under the Obama administration has since died down.

Congress is challenging the ban, but it’s likely to go nowhere, given a split House/Senate and a lack of media coverage on the issue. One person that is paying attention is Vladmir Putin, and Russia has been working to increase military ties with the island nation. Ironically, with the end of the INF treaty, we could see renewed interest by the Russians in placing missiles in Cuba and Venezuela in response to US troop increases in Poland and Romania.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. While we’ve been at a standoff in Venezuela, a deal in Cuba is possible. It’s been enough years that the hardliners on both sides have died off. Cuba’s economy is not doing well, and Russia doesn’t have the cash or economy to offer a deal like the US can. A US deal with Cuba would deny Russia access to ports that they could safely operate Naval vessels, such as the Gorshkov-class Frigate that carry land-attack cruise missiles.

Perhaps that is the way we are headed. President Trump’s recent crackdown on Cuba travel might be intended to place the country in a more desperate situation to spark negotiations. He doesn’t like to negotiate unless he is in a good position, and the Obama travel relaxations were freebies with no conditions attached. Getting a Cuba deal, on top of a deal with North Korea and (maybe) Iran, would be quite a crowning achievement.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

Today at Hotair we see that CBS has provided proof that Donald Trump’s assertions about Baltimore

are in fact true

Charm City ended 2018 with a total of 309 murders, according to the Baltimore Police Department. So far in 2019, police report 196 homicides have occurred. Using the U.S. Census Bureau’s July 2018 population estimate for the city of 602,495, Baltimore’s 2018 murder rate is 51.3 murders per 100,000 residents.

The article ends with two simple words. CLAIM: TRUE.

The real significance of this piece is that it is NOT from CBS news, but from CBS Baltimore the local affiliate.

What does this mean, it means DaTechGuy’s 3rd law of Media outrage is at work.

The MSM’s elevation and continued classification of any story as Nationally Newsworthy rather than only of local interest is in direct correlation to said story’s current ability to affirm any current Democrat/Liberal/Media meme/talking point, particularly on the subject of race or sexuality.

Because of the confirmation of the White House assertion is diametrically opposed to the Democrat/Liberal/Media meme/talking points concerning the president they can not be safely reported on the national level.  They can however be safely reported on the local level by CBS Baltimore because the people in Baltimore already know how dangerous their city.

More importantly it allows them CBS to counter any claim they that they are hiding the fact by stating they in fact covered the story, they just did so without raising said coverage to national level, after all there are only so many minutes in a CBS news broadcast you know.

If I was the White House I’d have President Trump shout from the rooftops that CBS has confirmed their claims and if I was his campaign I’d have a bunch of blogs along with a bunch of people on twitter not only tweeting out CBS CONFIRMS WHITE HOUSE ASSERTION ON BALTIMORE, but I’d have a dedicated crew of bloggers searing the local CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS affiliates for stories like this that get burred on the local level.

But that’s just me.

There are a lot of great things about the latest offering from Mayim Bialik at her youtube channel titled: I’m A Stay-At-Home Mom…Again!

It’s full of great insights, the details of basic life, the tasks of a mother of young sons, the repetitiveness and ordinariness of mother’s average day, but it’s the realization of what she has changed in her relationship with her two sons in the ten years that she was not home that really struck a chord with me.

Before I was Amy Farah Fowler, our relationship was like “Momma help me survive!” and I was like “OK I will, that’s what I live for.” and it’s not like that anymore. So what is life after the big bang theory, it’s terrifying because I worry that I’ve missed the most tender time of their lives. I’ve missed that transition from being everything to whatever I find that I am now.

Now don’t get me wrong, she talks about the value of the current relationship and how the job she has now as a stay at home mom is “…the most secure job in the universe.” But Think about what she said there.

For decades I have heard Feminism decry the culture of nurture that a stay at home mom provided, how it was holding women back and that it wasn’t as fulfilling as a career while not recognizing what that job brought or if spending 40 hours in a warehouse away from their young kids is more fulfilling that watching them grow up.

Even more important those who have sold and still sell feminism didn’t take into account the costs of the sexual “empowerment” that they pitched. The vast majority of women don’t have the education of Bialik nor the financial independence that was provided by nearly a decade on the most popular comedy in the nation that allows her to function as a single divorced mother at home without worrying about how the bills are going to be paid.

Many of those women are stuck between the reality of proving for a child without the support of a man or finding themselves alone never having that knowledge of being the most important person in the world to someone during their lifetime.

The joys she was talking about were once known to society having been learned over centuries of experience, but to the post sixties generation that threw them away in the certain belief that they knew better than those to came before them and the generations of today who have had to live in the world that 60’s generation crated Ms. Bialik’s video is a revelation.

May they take this newfound knowledge and apply it wisely.

Willie Wonka:  So shines a good deed in a weary world

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971

It’s been over a year since I added to my “30 tips to stay married 30 years” list mostly because I couldn’t think of any new ones past 22 but today one hit me.

DaWife and I went out to lunch and on the way back I stopped at the dollar store to buy reading glasses as I’m constantly losing or breaking them. As I was checking out I noticed a bunch of balloons and one of them said “princess” I bought it at once and had the clerk put it in a bag so DaWife wouldn’t see me coming out with it.

She was absolutely delighted and the smile has not left her face.

All that for the investment of a dollar.

So when you’re out make it a point to notice things like that because an inexpensive gift like that can make all the difference.

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