A 3rd Visit to the Twitter Gulag Archipelago Or: Guess Who Twitter Locked & Slandered over a Benford’s Law tweet again?

Posted: November 13, 2020 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Today has been a day of coincidences.

About three days ago I was again released from the Twitter Gulag Archipelago and at that time I tweeted out the following thread:

This is what’s called building a chain of evidence.

I’m obviously not alone in this

I should point out I’m referring to my 2nd appeal in that tweet

So basically I gave them 50 hours

Each one of those email is a written statement of a false accusation

And most importantly other than the 1st one, each of them came after they sent an email acknowledging that they banned me in error

furthermore I made it a point of reminding twitter what was coming again…

And then something very interesting happened just as my livestream started…

Well I kept podcasting even though it wasn’t live and then came the moment to start testing twitter.

The 1st test was to take the entirety of this post copy it directly to my site and reprint it as a post of mine with a disclaimer at the top & bottom explaining exactly why I was doing it

Now let’s see if twitter tags MY post and starts locking people accusing them of distributing :

privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their consent

I’m doing this live during the podcast (that youtube has suddenly cut me off of unexpectedly of course)

Well Twitter passed that test

Twitter passed that test then on to test two again which I introduced with a new thread

As I wanted to document exactly what was going to happen

All of this was captured on my livestream or I should say “would have been since strangly enough the entire broadcast and even the saved file that I recorded offline has vanished and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?

And it was followed within a few minutes of an email from twitter accusing me of guess what

violating our rules against posting or sharing privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their consent

Now this makes the 3rd time they have falsely accused me IN WRITING of this.

I’m not a lawyer and don’t pretend to be one but I’m wondering at what point this becomes actionable?

Anyways that’s where I stand no podcast and no twitter although I might decide to rebroad cast later when I’m unlocked again after I win my next appeal which I’m pretty sure I will.

It’s when I don’t that things might get interesting

And yes I could just let it go or move to another platform but damn it I’m going to make twitter own up and follow it’s own supposed rules and if it means I spend a month making twitter ban and unlock me over and over again so be it.

It’s my way of fighting back and yes it’s a pinprick in the side of an elephant but I’m going to keep it up

I will not submit

Update: Here is the text of my appeal

Not only is this the 3rd time you have falsely & baselessly accused me of tweeting “privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their consent” when I’ve retweeted this post on Benford’s statistical law but it’s the 2nd time you’ve done so AFTER APOLOGIZING FOR THE 1ST LOCKOUT AND SAYING IT WAS IN ERROR.

Not only are you slandering me in writing I might add but after the last time I won my appeal I tweeted you that I’d be retweeting this in 50 hours and updated you several times that I was going to do so.

Yet you locked me anyways and again made false accusations against me in writing. If the first time was in error what was the second, or the third. I’d call it deliberate malfeasance and that’s the most tame description I can think of

Now if you are so terrified about people seeing statistical evidence that Joe Biden’s “magic ballots” are just that have the courage to state you will not allow such evidence to be shown. Stop falsely accusing me of putting out ” privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their consent”

It’s just this type of deceitful and dishonorable behavior that makes your brand distrusted by half the population.

I will not delete the tweet in question nor will I submit. The only question is will you actually play by your own rules or is there a different set for those whose politics you don’t like?

You’re CEO has sworn under oath that this is not so, your repeated actions toward me this last week suggest he’s a liar.

  1. Jesse says:

    Keep it up