Let’s get real about JFK

Posted: November 24, 2020 by chrisharper in politics, Uncategorized

By Christopher Harper

In a yearly ritual on November 22, baby boomers recall when and where they heard about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Unfortunately, few of us reflect on how Kennedy, while tragically struck down as a young man, was a lousy president and an even worse man.

Many consider JFK one of the best presidents in the history of the United States.

But even a cursory view of his life and times demonstrates how his legacy became hugely inflated after his death in 1963.

For example, many consider Kennedy responsible for civil rights laws when his successor, Lyndon Johnson, was the man who made that happen.

Moreover, as a senator, JFK voted against President Eisenhower’s civil rights legislation to appease racist Democrats in the South. In collusion with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Kennedy ordered wiretaps on Martin Luther King Jr.

In international affairs, he approved the assassination of the leader of the Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo, as long as the United States had “plausible deniability.” In Cuba, he launched an attack to overthrow Fidel Castro, known as the Bag of Pigs invasion, which failed because JFK failed to approve air cover. In Vietnam, he expanded the U.S. presence and endorsed a coup that ultimately resulted in the assassination of the president, Ngo Dinh Diem.

During his presidency, JFK engaged in various extramarital affairs, including Marilyn Monroe and Judith Campbell, who also dated Mafia boss Sam Giancana and posed an incredible security risk because of her ties to the Mob.

Sure, JFK did some things right. He stared down the Russians during the Cuban missile crisis. He rejiggered the tax code—changes that would rankle his fellow Democrats because it actually made it easier on the wealthy. I’ll even give him credit for encouraging American scientists to launch probes into space.

A longtime friend who covered JFK admitted to me that the reporters knew about the affairs and the political shenanigans. But the media saw JFK as the Great White Hope to bring the United States into a new era.

I don’t want to speak ill of the dead. But I think Americans, particularly baby boomers, should analyze JFK’s legacy in a much more rational way.

  1. bob sykes says:

    For those of us who actually lived through it, he was an inspirational President, the only one I have known. He started the Peace Corps (I have know a few of them, all excellent people.) and started us on the way to the Moon. Do you think we ever would have gone to the Moon without him? Certainly, not one of the Presidents since him, Democrat or Republican, would have begun our manned spaced program. Nixon killed moon exploration.

    He like, his older brother, was a war hero, a legitimate one, before the military started handing out Silver Stars for attendance (a la Kerry). His older brother was killed in combat in Europe, and he received permanent war injuries to his back. Robert also served, but stayed in Washington. They all were patriots. Are there any patriots in Washington or in the Deep State today?

    His father, Joseph Sr., was also a nationalist and patriot. He was removed from Ambassador to the UK, because of his pro-German, somewhat anti-Brit attitude. No Irishman of his or even later generations had or has any use for the British. That Joe Sr. also played around and many his fortunate by fast and loose (but then legal) methods is just so much BFD. Trump (I voted for him twice.) did the same, even to the point of schmoozing communists and organized crime capos.

    John and his brother Robert were murdered by the CIA/Pentagon in order to clear a way to their pet project the Vietnam War. LBJ was their willing stooge. This is the same Deep State that ultimately defeated Trump.

    If you are really on the Right, and if you truly supported Trump, then you have to respect JFK and RFK, despite their faults.

  2. A Landmesser says:

    Having lived through JFK and played on the team he sent to sunny SE Asia my views do not coincide with yours. JFK’s erratic and disastrous policies were due to a cocktail of drugs that made Hitler look like a Mormon.

    He followed up policies started by Eisenhower in space because he really couldn’t think of anything new or innovative. Anyone who holds up the Peace Corps as an accomplsihment demonstrates his addiction to the Kennedy’s famed “shovel ready” programs which the Demorats and their donors are so addicted.

    While his brother was a hero, little Johnny was the sole individual in the history of WW2 to have lost his faster and more maneuverable ship when it was rammed and sunk by a much larger vessel. If it hadn’t been for his political connections, he much like McCain would have been court martialed.

    His father was a noted criminal, fraud and dedicated Irish catholic, just like biden. Nuff said except “Psalms.”

    Advocates of free drug usage always trot out their the “CIA killed the Kennedys.” If they did it was because of their consistent foreign policy disasters, pre-emptive policy of surrender, and military adventurism that always ended in disaster because of their lack of spine, brains and guts which hundreds of thousands were sacrificed for their egos.

    The myth making is exemplified in the Cuba crisis. Kennedy was bluffed by the Soviets into withdrawing American missiles from the UK, Italy and Turkey-something the lemmings never seem to note. They also neglect to mention that the Soviets, past masters of deception build nuclear bases in the open with huge missile base-Russia signs for any passerby to see. Really, no kidding. So what did Kennedy do, against an opponent who had a handful of IBMs (why do you think they put missiles in Cuba) a few dozen strategic bombers that were prop driven, military genius Kennedy ignored his advisers and did what he did best. He played generalissimo and created a disaster that is still around today because he promised never to invade Cuba.

    Kennedy a drug addicted fuck up who was not the worst of the Kennedy clan. At least he never left a woman to die in a car after a drunken evening of whoring.