Time for Israel to Move Back into the Gaza Strip and Stay

Posted: May 18, 2021 by datechguy in Israel, middle east
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The real danger is that we who support the war will reach the point that we say “we might as well be taken as wolves then as sheep”.

Me at Instapundit May 31st 2006

OK Israel let’s face facts.

It’s been 16 years since you pulled out of Gaza leaving greenhouses and infrastructure intact as a good will gesture toward peace and to some degree Israel reaped rewards from this to wit:

  1. It shrunk the area that needed to be defended
  2. It demonstrated the bad faith of the Palestinians
  3. It demonstrated Hamas’ inability to take care of the basic needs of a population
  4. It opened wide the conflict between Hamas & Fatah
  5. It demonstrated that the Palestinians are less interested in a state and more interested in a launching ground for attacks.

But in the end all of these demonstrations to the world lose their meaning in a world were actual reality doesn’t matter. When you have a press that doesn’t see the difference between people who fire rockets at a population from within civilian structure and people who defend their countries from it. For example there is a lot of talk about Iron Dome and its excellent success rate but it’s a system that no other country wants to buy, why? Because any other country faced with such attacks would have gone in and crushed those attacking it.

It’s time for Israel to do the same.

Israel should roll back into Gaza, take the territory and either annex it or give it a status as a non-voting province.

What will the world and the press do? Attack and condemn Israel? They do than anyways.

What will Hamas and the PA do, try to kill Jews? They do that anyways.

As for the left in the west what are they going to do , hate Israel more then they do now? Hate Jews more than they do now? As I said many years ago on Instapundit concerning Haditha:

Our press and the anti-American left both in this country and outside of it has been reporting “Hadithas” over and over again over the last three years.

Time and time again our friends have accused us of every possible atrocity that there is to the point that internationally people are already able to believe this or the 9/11 stuff or all the rest.

Because of this, internationally it is totally irrelevant if the Marines actually violated the rules of war. Our foes are going to say that we’ve done things if we do them or not, so the only people that it really matters to will be; the people killed (and family) and the people in our own country who support the military.

The real danger is that we who support the war will reach the point that we say “we might as well be taken as wolves then as sheep”.

How the left in the west reacts is the least important question to answer.

The important question is: What will the Arab states do? There is one simple answer, likely nothing.

The states that made peace with Israel didn’t do so because they loved Israel or didn’t hate Jews. They did so because they are threatened by Iran and will be no less threatened if Israel is in Gaza. The question is will they decide they’re less threatened if Iran though Hamas no longer controls Gaza or more threatened as Iran’s ability to hit the Jewish state is curtailed? I think it’s the former.

It’s time for Israel to stop being sheep and given the a taste of General Sherman’s war so that Generations will pass before they again appeal to it.

Now if they prefer to have their citizens duck rockets every few years when a Democrat or a weak republican is in office it’s their country.

But if they take my advice the rockets will be over.

Update: Apparently Israel’s PM reads this blog:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is pursuing “forceful deterrence” against Gaza’s Hamas rulers and does not rule out a further escalation.

Meeting with foreign ambassadors on Wednesday, he said “you can either conquer them, and that’s always an open possibility, or you can deter them.”

“We are engaged right now in forceful deterrence, but I have to say, we don’t rule out anything.”

  1. bob sykes says:

    There are approximately 7 million Arabs living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean coast. A little fewer than 2 million of them have Israeli citizenship. There are also about 7 million Jews living in the same territory.

    Despite claims to the contrary, Israeli Arabs are distinctly second class citizens, and are subjected to various kinds of discrimination, especially in real estate purchases. Arabs in the West Bank are subject to direct military rule, and they have no rights that Israel recognizes. They are also subject to ethnic cleansing by Israeli settlers. Arabs in Gaza are in what is essentially an open air concentration camp, and have little access to the outside world.

    Israel is plainly an apartheid state. It will continue to be an apartheid state until the US and EU intervene and impose a settlement. It will also be necessary to disarm Israel, especially its nuclear weapons.

    The current situation is unstable, and terror and counter terror (e.g., Israel’s current air war on Gaza) will continue forever. People complain about the situation of the Uyghurs in China, but the case of the Arabs under Israeli occupation is every bit as bad. In some sense it is worse, because the EU and US aid and abet Israeli crimes against the Arabs.

    Jews have no intrinsic right to the land “between the rivers.” An early Iron Age text full of superstition and misremembered history does not justify a Chosen People, nor the ethnic cleansing of the native population.

    The Jewish Bible focuses on the conquest of Canaan and the dispossession and murder of the Canaanites. That many Jews and supporters use this text to justify the modern crimes is simply shameful.

    Israel is a leftover piece of 19th Century European colonialism. It is essentially the last colony. The Arabs deserve justice.