Clarence Thomas TMZ and the Left’s Greatest Fear Realized

Posted: May 29, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

don’t try this too long, for fear you may awake his sense of humour and proportion, in which case he will merely laugh at you and go to bed.”

C. S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters

I had planned on writing about Javier Lopez’s part in the most unique play ever in the history of baseball (that will wait till next week) or perhaps a post that came into my head a few minutes ago concerning President Trump on the audits (That deserves something really long) but I threw both out when I saw the Matt Whitlock tweet of this video from TMZ via this Don Surber Post Via Stacy McCain

Its importance can’t be overstated.

Nothing so humanizes a person like being able to laugh at yourself and here you have Justice Thomas, the greatest villain that the left has next to Donald Trump laughing at and joking with another black man who is trying to film him for whatever reason.

Don’t think for one moment that it won’t go out to the black community that has for decades been falsely sold the idea that he’s a monster although I suspect that belief is a lot strong in the white liberal community than among black Americans.

Nothing is more dangerous to the left than a person like Thomas being seen as they actually are. That’s why the Trump rallies backfired on CNN etc. Too many people saw Trump as he was, saying what he says completely unspun. It’s the reason why the tech giants and media want to silence him.

This is Justice Thomas being himself. It’s just too bad that it didn’t get out 20 years earlier.

  1. DanJ1 says:

    Thanks for sharing. I don’t know why I missed this elsewhere.

    What really would have been fun would be if he volunteered to do a Jay Walking bit where they ask people how many SCJ’s they can name and then introduce Justice Thomas to them and see their reaction.

  2. Misha Prokopiy says:

    This is so great! He truly seems to have a self deprecating sense of humor, which many on the left completely lack. And his talking to the other man, person to person, shows CT’s genuine humanity. Too bad he’ll never get his due for being a good person and great justice.