They Want the China Model for Police and Soldiers Ashli Babbitt is our Future

Posted: June 12, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The more I’ve seen of what the left is doing right now to the military and the police the more I change my opinion and believe and actual shooting civil war is on the way.

I’m not going to bore you with a long piece, readers who have followed me for years have seen my arguments noting that the left doesn’t seem to understand the danger they are putting themselves in because they presume we’re going to just take it.

This is heading to a place where the people left in the military will be the ones who will when a woke officer decides that a crowd of conservatives are a threat and says “Fire”

This is heading to a place where the people in the police will be afraid to stop a looter or a violent criminal of the left but will not hesitate to fire at or arrest a person of the right defending themselves or their property.

Ashley Babbitt is the future the left wants for us. Her death is not a bug it’s a feature to them.

One enough people realize this is the case all hell is going to break loose.

The left is going all in on this because they realize that this is likely their best shot to achieve these goals because the dirty little secret isn’t that they hate America…they hate Americans.

There are still enough people within the system who do not want this goal and the endgame it will generate the question is will they have the courage to stand up and stop it.

I pray that they do but I’m not holding my breath.

Update: Why were are here comes tomorrow

  1. Bill H. says:

    I disagree with the common assumption that “they hate America.” The truth is, I believe, more simply that they love power and will go to any length to achieve or retain it. They do not care who or what they harm in the process. They are indifferent to what America is, so long as they can control it.

    This is really a distinction without a difference, however, because the end result is the same. Whether they destroy what this nation is through hatred or through indifference, it will still be destroyed.

  2. Pod Hamp says:

    When I worked for the Feds, every year we had “diversity” training where somone would come for an hour and talk about some diversity topic. One favorite topic of the lady in the office who was in charge of the program was women’s sufferage. So we watched a lot of videos about Susan B Anthony or other women in long white dresses marching up 5th Avenue in old B&W film footage. Then there would be a little discussion blah blah about diversity= good, and we were done for the year. In later years there were computer based training courses that would come out ever so often mixed in with the computer security and ethics mandatory training that is part of being a Federal employee.

    We all treated it as a one hour vacation from work, and I don’t think most of the employees paid much mind. I didn’t see any of the engineers or electricians in the organization turn into suffragettes. Everyone just played along and kept their mouths shut until it was finished. So when I hear all these breathless reports of “woke” Biden officials turning the military into Oberlin College, I have to take it with a grain of salt. It sounds like the usual catastrophizing that I run into on the internets.