The Eucharistic as it Actually is

Posted: June 20, 2021 by datechguy in catholic, Church doctrine
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With the left/media trying to turn the Eucharistic into an attendance prize it’s rather important to remember what it actually is and nothing illustrates it better than this image.

What happened is this. During the mass the priest when giving out the blood of Christ accidently spilled some on the carpet. When the mass was over he went to get the items necessary to clean up the precious blood he found that three nuns were kneeling before the spilled sacrament in adoration.

They know and they understand exactly what and more importantly WHO the Eucharist is and what a honor is it to be even in the presence of the blessed sacrament.

Would that not just Catholic pols but ALL Catholics and even all Christians had the same honor, reverence and understanding of the Eucharist that these three nuns have.

Here’s the video.

  1. kristi156 says:

    In my neighborhood the catholics moved a bunch of illegal immigrants in without asking anybody if it was all right. This was about six years ago. Now there are even more and haha, nobody can get rid of them or do anything about it. The stress level, along with property taxes and insurance rates, has gone up quite a bit. This is not the only problem, but one of many, catholics cause with their full-on embrace of globalism — which is (in case you forgot) the collectivist cult of socialism, police state, death, etc, designed to enrich a few losers at the price of everyone else’s happiness, health, and prosperity. (Note: The local HOA was not happy about the catholics buying up lots of property locally, but they could not stop it. Now we’re screwed. Yes: Screwed. The catholics screwed us.)

    In Europe we’re witnessing the final stages of the “immigrant” (in this case it’s moslem males) invasion. I would say “God help them” but they pretty much begged for it. And didn’t the catholics help out with that? Oh, they sure did! Here in the USA we have “catholic” Nancy Pelosi enthusiastically supporting “Oceans of Blood” or as y’all call it, “Planned Parenthood,” and after signing off on legalized baby-slaughtering, she’s all like “I’m a catholic.” See? That makes it okay!

    A lot of our illegal immigrants, enabled by the “church” to come here, soak up resources, disregard our laws, and practice Santeria as an adjunct to the cartel life that many of them bring with them, say they are catholic though they are anything but — they’re socialists, that means probably atheistic. (They certainly don’t have a problem saying that they are catholic and people believe it because they’re “latinx” or whatever.)

    And to add insult to injury, a supposed “catholic” tells me from the pulpit of his podcast to suck it up; they’re “refugees from Venezuela” and “children of god.” That’s a typical catholic for you and why I am not only NOT a catholic anymore, but quite opposed to any catholic in my immediate vicinity, or even — at this point — in my nation. We shouldn’t tolerate globalism at all; it’s obvious, however, why the Church of Rome tolerates lies, hypocrisy, and, well, satanism. Which do you have more of a problem with? A socialist/satanist who says openly that he’s a satanist, or a satanist who finds it convenient to let stupid Americans THINK he’s a catholic because he’s hispanic…?

    Too bad the corrupt, criminal catholic hierarchy doesn’t care about the lives of its membership as much as it does about a few tablespoons of wine on the carpet. Sorry, but this hype only makes the church seem more pathetic. The catholic hierarchy also gets on its knees for islamic clerics. The “church” is toast, and burnt toast at that.