New Statue Rules, Chosen Numbers, Unsurprising Taliban, White Shooting Privilege and a California Warning Under the Fedora

Posted: June 28, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Apparently there are new rules concerning Statues in NYC

That’s rather odd as I was reliably informed by the left and media that going after statues was protected free speech and not an act of violence.

Apparently the limits on apply statues of vandalization statues only applies on those the left don’t approve of.

This Wednesday the 7th episode of the 2nd season of the Chosen will be available for streaming. They recently boasted one million subscribers on their youtube channel with a goal of 1 billion people viewing the series.

If I was them I’d hire Gina Carano to play the woman with the hemorrhage in season three or four. They’d get their billion views in a hurry and a lot of eyeballs that they would not normally have.

There is news out of Afghanistan that the Taliban is burning shops & govt buildings and detaining people as they advance while we prepare to leave. The reports were described as “shocking”

Given what we know about the Taliban I don’t know why anyone would be shocked.

Another riot in Portland was averted when ANTIFA was informed that a suspect that the police shot and killed was white rather than black.

Now I don’t know if this shooting was justified or not but we’ve discovered that Apparently white privilege, is defined as the privilege of being shot to death by Police without having anyone care.

Finally I found this image amusing:

While this is good for a laugh I should point out that unless these folks vote red the bad ideas they are running from will follow them.

Unexpectedly of course

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