A Fair Black for Black Trade

Posted: July 6, 2021 by datechguy in immigration

This week we had the pleasure of black Americans who have reached the pinnacle of wealth, influence and fame in America again go off on how oppressed and unfree black Americans are in this country. In addition we’ve had the media left treat these claims as if they are credible rather than the nonsense they are.

It is often said to such people that nobody is stopping them from leaving and that is true but if you really want to illustrate the lie that they are saying and their knowledge that what they are saying is a lie I propose the following.

A simple exchange:

I propose that Cori Bush or Torre or any member of the Black community that believes they are oppressed in the United States of America exchange their citizenship and location with a Black African who is currently on a waiting list to immigrate here legally and wishes to come to America and make a new life.

I think it’s a perfect plan, the person on the immigration waiting list gets to come to the country they have wanted to come to for years and the people who are loudest in their declarations that the USA is bad place for black people get to escape the oppression that they suffer so. Everyone wins!

Furthermore in the USA people like Bush and Torre are at best C list elite or celebs here in the US but in the countries they would be traveling to they would likely jump straight to A or at least B list. In fact an ordinary American with a small bit of saving might be considered elite in many places where such an exchange might take place.

And why limit it to black elites or activists who claim America is evil, let’s exchange an Italian family for Alyssa Milano’s an Arab family for Talib’s the possibilities are endless. In fact let’s swap any celeb who keep saying how awful America is or that they will leave if X is elected with a person from their ancestor’s country of origin waiting to come here.

It’s a win win win, the people who claim to be oppressed are happy, the people who want to come here are happy and I’d certainly be happy and thanks to the miracle of social media they can still diss America from wherever they are to demonstrate their superiority.

Now what could be more fair than that?

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