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My plans for another post were interrupted by my mechanic that it will not be cost effective to bring my 1999 Buick LeSabre up to snuff for the rigorous Massachusetts inspections standards for when the time for my next inspection comes.

Frankly I’d like another LeSabre as I”ve had three and liked them all but as they stopped making them in 2005 that might be a problem so let me put it out there. Who has a car they want to sell me at this price range?

A LeSabre or a 2003-2004 Avalon will get preference as I like both models and years (Don’t like the later Avalons) but if you have a car that will pass Mass Inspection and will not rust away on my I’d be happy to talk (you can reach me in comments. Any car considered will have to pass a check by my mechanic (located in Fitchburg MA)

And yes I know that this is a low budget but thanks to COVID complications my wife has been out of work for six months and with AFLAC coverage about to run out I’m not in a position to put our cash reserves at risk for a better car.

Ok folks let’s hear what you’ve got!

Update: Looks Like I found something if my mechanic gives me the thumbs up we’re all set.